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#BoxersOrBriefs: What Does Your Man's Underwear Say About Him?

#BoxersOrBriefs: What Does Your Man's Underwear Say About Him?

The way a guy dresses and the clothes he wears says so much about him. So imagine how much what he has on inside can reveal about his personality! Is he a traditional man, does he like spontaneity and adventure, or would he just rather be comfortable and enjoy his time at home? Here are some traits of a man you can tell from the kind of underwear he chooses to wear!

1. The Classic Man In Boxers

He’s low-maintenance, low fuss and the classic man's man. He is probably a hard worker who enjoys slipping off his trousers after a hard day’s work, and doesn’t really have to change into home clothes! He has his comfort zones marked out, but is definitely not afraid to step out of them! guys underwear

2. The Impromptu Briefs Guy

Although you will find that a man in briefs is often practical, he may not be ready to be a full-fledged grown-up just yet! But the great thing is that he can be quite spontaneous and fun to be with. He definitely likes to go with the flow! You sure are in for a fun ride with this one. guys underwear

3. The Hunk In Trunks

A guy who favours these is bound to be quite edgy and athletic. He doesn’t care as much about how he looks as he does about how he feels. He likes to stay comfy, and why not?! A man in trunks is likely to be in touch with his likes, dislikes, needs and wants. guys underwear

4. The Simple Boxer-Briefs

He’s super-simple at heart and likes to keep it basic. He knows who he is and sticks to being just that! There is a good chance he would rather just stay at home and enjoy a quiet night in with his lady than go out partying. No complicated nonsense coming your way if you’re with a man in boxer-briefs! guys underwear

5. As Clear As Black And/ Or White

If he sticks to either black or white all the time, be sure he is strictly a “no grey” areas kinda guy, even in real life. Everything is as simple as black or white for him. He takes things at face value and appreciates honesty and clarity. He means what he says, and expects the same of people! underwear

6. Bold Patterns And Colours

He doesn't like to give live by the norms and is in all likelihood a creative soul. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and looks good doing it! Be ready for some insightful deep conversations if you’re dating a man who loves to have on this bright bold style! :-) underwear

7. The One Who Likes To Try On Different Styles

A guy who likes to alternate his undergarment wardrobe all the time can't be easily defined. He follows his impulses differently every day, and is quite the go-getter. He knows how to keep things fun and interesting. After all, variety is the spice of life! guys underwear

8. Silk And Satin

If he rocks these regularly, he digs your attention! He is unafraid of repercussions from his choices and is also super in touch with his feminine side, which is a great added bonus really! He is unapologetically himself at all times. guys underwear

9. Thongs And Man-Strings

We don’t know about this one, really. Apart from the fact that he may or may not be able to give you a stellar lap dance. We’ll wait for you to tell us about him! :-P guys underwear GIFS: tumblr.com, giphy.com MUST-READ: 10 Things She’s (Probably) Signalling to You with Her Undies MUST-READ: Uh-Oh! 8 Underwear Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making
Published on May 26, 2015
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