6 Ways In Which We Are SO Different From Our Parents!

6 Ways In Which We Are SO Different From Our Parents!
Yes, there are many things we wish we could do just like our parents. (Managing to buy all your groceries and supplies at one go, without forgetting a single thing at the store - that’s a skill we wish we had!) But on the flipside, there are also things we are very glad we do - or at least get to do - very, very differently! Here’s our list.

1. Tart Comparisons

If you were growing up 20 years ago, this is probably something you experienced every day - people drawing comparisons with Sharmaji ki beti in order to drive you to perform better - whether it was the neighbour’s son’s sister-in-law, or the older, more mature sibling, or just the generic obedient “padhne-likhne waale bacche.” Having seen or experienced first-hand these things, we’re pretty sure we ain’t gonna inflict them on the generations to come!

different from our parents

2. Dodging The Judgement

How often did you hear people say: “Tum uss Neha se door hi rehna, woh ladkon ke saath ghoomti-phirti hai!” or “Woh achchha ladka nahi hai, kapde dekhe hain uske!”? While we understand that our families wanted to shield us from all “bad” elements of society, our generation is luckily more accepting of differences. Since most of us live by the “they’re nice to us, we’re nice to them” logic, life is just much, much simpler!

3. It’s Our Choice!

Blame it on societal expectations or obligations, but growing up, many of us were subjected to a gruelling choice between “socially respectable” professions - medicine or engineering - or “bad jobs” - pretty much everything else. But now, with the advent of our generation’s saviour - the Internet - the world is our oyster. We are now at liberty to choose any whacky, out-of-the-box profession to make a living from, without the unnecessary burden of social expectations!

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4. Log Kuchh Nahin Kahenge

Our parents had to live with the perennial fear of “Log kya kahenge?” Even though they might have been more liberal than their peers, there was ALWAYS the issue of random people - ranging from far-flung relatives to the gossipy neighbourhood aunty - showing up to offer their opinion on everything from their child-rearing skills to our maths score on the class IV report card. And even the scent of failure in any shape or form was not acceptable. But guess what? No one has the power to safeguard us against the ups and downs of life. And when our generation makes its own choices, it is bloody well prepared for consequences - good or bad!

5. Money Matters

Our parents’ idea of indulgence tended to be either buying new clothes on Diwali or splurging on gold jewellery after saving up for half a decade! Means were limited, and so were options. However, thanks to Fairy Godmother Globalization, and more disposable income, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to being a little extravagant, and even when it comes to investments!

different from our parents

6. Don’t Stress It!

Our parents’ generation was not known for opening up about whatever was eating them up inside. Being “depressed” back then was considered akin to being a lunatic. But as we’ve progressed, we’ve learnt to accept stress and an occasional bout of depression as part and parcel of our hectic schedules. And hence, our coping mechanisms are far better developed too!

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