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Chase YOUR Dreams: Why Your Marksheet Does Not Define You

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

So, you’re graduating from school and soon you’ll be heading to college. Or from college, and heading for that first job interview. And when your marks don’t turn out like you expected them to, it can suck pretty bad. But guess what? Despite any or all of your plans, what matters way more good marks, or getting that “division” you’ve been striving for, is growing as a person and learning to chase - and live - your dreams. Studying is not about that marksheet - ink on a piece of paper will inevitably fade over time. What you do, however, is grow up in the process, and experience so many new things for the first time! So, always remember, it’s the destination that matters, and the journey towards it - don’t get stuck on the little hurdles or let them stop chasing your dreams. This amazing and inspiring video by Vir Das tells you exactly that - your marksheet does NOT define you, nor does it determine your future. So live, laugh and love. But also work hard for what you want, and never give up in the face of any obstacles. :-)
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Published on May 25, 2015
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