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#TrueStory: 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has On A Bad Hair Day!

#TrueStory: 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has On A Bad Hair Day!

There’s nothing that ruins our mood as easily as having a bad hair day! And we’ve ALL been there, right?! Stubborn, uncooperative and frizzy hair that wreaks havoc on our state of mind. We’re sure you can totally relate to these thoughts every girl has when she’s having a bad hair day - we know we do! 1. WHY, GOD, WHY? bad hair day 2. It’s like my hair has a mind of its own! bad hair day 3. I CANNOT go out in public like this! bad hair day 4. I need a Haircut NOW! 5. It’s 8.30. I have to be at work at 9. Do I still have time for a super-quick wash and blow dry? bad hair day 6. But I just washed it yesterday! Why does it look like THIS?? bad hair day 7. I look like the head version of Karishma Kapoor’s eyebrows in the 90s. 8. But I spent a bomb on this serum, it was supposed to change my life! bad hair day 9. Why does this have to happen today of all days? bad hair day 10. I knew I should have just cut it all off and gone super-short. bad hair day 11. This stupid humidity is making my hair act crazy. Why does nature hate me so much? 12. I feel like Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. bad hair day 13. Damn you, fashion magazine, that SO didn’t work!!! bad hair day 14. Why do all my friends have perfect hair?!! bad hair day 15. Even my messy braid looks TOO messy to wear to work. 16. What if I just push all my hair back with a hair band? Will I look like Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? bad hair day 17. Ugh, I think I’m going to cover my hair with a scarf all day. bad hair day 18. I need a funky scarf-tying YouTube tutorial... 19. Hmm, that looks complicated. And definitely not doable in 3 minutes like the title said! 20. Okay, fine. I’ll just make a bun and pretend like everything is okay. 21. OMG, did that random stranger just call my hair “chidiya ka ghosla”? bad hair day GIFs: giphy.com, media.tumblr.com, www.gurl.com , www.reddit.com, blog.nathanbransford.com, justshanice.com, beautyhigh.com, Buzzfeed.com, india-forums.com, luxlife-blog.com. MUST-READ: 30 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Walks Into Forever 21! MUST-READ: 21 Thoughts That Go through Every Girl’s Mind When She Opens Her Closet!
Published on May 11, 2015
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