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#SexyTime: 25 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Knows It's THE Night

#SexyTime: 25 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Knows It's THE Night
So you’ve been going out for a while. And things have been heating up. The casual touching, the day-long sexting - it’s all been building up to this moment. It’s time for THAT date - when you know that you’re going to get down and dirty. Yes, we’ve all been there! These are the thoughts every girl has when she knows she’s going to get some!

1. OMG, I have to do my legs!

2. And make a trip to the chemist.

3. Um. Durex or KS?

4. Hmm. “Easy-Peasy Tricks To Up Your Sex Game Right Now”. Must read this for tonight!

getting ready for sex 1

5. Where is the waterproof eyeliner when you really need it?!

6. Do I smell alright?! (What should I aim for - fruity or seductive?!)

7. Hmm. Is he a boob guy or an ass guy?

8. Who cares? I’m good either way! ;-)

getting ready for sex 6

9. I’d better not have anything with garlic today. Breath mints are just not enough.

10. And I’d better not have rum either. But wine might make me sleepy!

getting ready for sex 2

11. Push-up? Or front-open? Argh, do I have a front-open push-up?

12. Thong? Or lace? Or nothing?!

13. But then what will I wear? Jeans will be SO uncomfortable. And difficult to get off.

14. Skirt. I’m going with a skirt.

15. Should I send him a selfie?! Just to keep things interesting...

getting ready for sex 3

16. Hmm. His place or mine?

17. Okay, my bed is a giant changing room now. We’re definitely not doing it here.

18. OMG, I hope his flatmate isn’t home tonight.

19. And my mom better not call me either.

20. I have to be at work tomorrow - should I carry a change of clothes?

21. Or is that going to make him think I’m being presumptuous?

getting ready for sex 4

22. I’ll just fit something into my handbag. Better pack a toothbrush too. And mouthwash. And some perfume. Ugh, my bag is so heavy now!

23. Oh well. I guess an aching shoulder is a small price to pay for some great action.

24. But what if the sex is bad?!

getting ready for sex 5

25. Okay, no point in worrying about it now. It’s TIME!

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