15 Things Your Future Partner Wants You To Know Right Now!

15 Things Your Future Partner Wants You To Know Right Now!
Some of us are still eagerly waiting for Prince Charming, no matter how long he’s taking to get here! And we can’t help but think (and by that we mean “obsess”) about who our soul mate will be. And where the hell he is right now! We may not be able to tell you that, but we sure can tell you what your future partner wants you to know right now!

1) I will find you and I will love you, with all your quirks.

2) I may not be perfect, but I’ll be perfect for you.

Future Partner 2

3) It may seem like a long wait right now, but I promise it will be worth it.

4) You thought no one can match your weirdness, but you haven’t met me yet!

5) I will be able quote cheesy Hindi movie dialogues too. Not all of them, but a couple for sure.

Future Partner 5

6) Yes, I’m your lobster.

Future Partner 6

7) I may not be tall, dark and handsome, but I will make you laugh every single day of your life.

8) I honestly don’t care if you put on weight. The way I look at it: there’s more of you to love.

Future Partner 8

9) I will get jealous of other boys paying you attention, but in a cute, non-creepy way.

10) I’ll make an effort to get along with all your besties because I know they mean the world to you. Also, they took such good care of you in the years before I came along!

Future Partner 10

11) I will respect your independence. Your free-spiritedness is one of your best qualities.

12) I didn’t walk into your life to change you, so please don’t worry about that even one bit.

Future Partner 12

13) I suffer from a severe case of wanderlust too. Don’t worry, we’ll find a cure together.

14) I couldn’t care less about where we get married. Please plan the wedding - I’ll be happy to do it just the way you want. All I care about is the fact that you agreed to marry me.

Future Partner 14

15) Oh, and I will show up when the time is right. When our paths intertwine and when fate takes over. There might not be loud bells clanging or a signboard on my head. But if I make your heart tingle, if I make you feel happy and secure - know that I have arrived and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

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