9 Things Pregnant Women Worry About But Really Shouldn’t

9 Things Pregnant Women Worry About But Really Shouldn’t
The moment you see that pink line on the home pregnancy test, you know your life is going to change. While on one hand, you are over the moon, on the other, worries about what will happen over the next nine months (and beyond) start to crop up. The thoughts that cloud a pregnant woman’s mind can be scary, but you really don’t have to go on a nine-month guilt trip. While there are chances that the worry gene might kick in stronger than you’d expected, remember, most pregnancies result in healthy babies and happy moms! Here are some worries that irk soon-to-be moms and why they shouldn’t fret over it.

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1. Eating Wrong

You have already visited your gynecologist and she has drawn up a pretty neat diet chart for you. You’re following it to the T but are constantly worried that you’ll inadvertently end up eating something that could harm your baby. Relax! As long as you know your allergies and are steering clear of alcohol and cigarettes (that includes passive smoke), stay rest assured that you’ve nailed the right diet. So, go ahead, give in to your pregnancy cravings and relish that midnight block of chocolate. A happy mommy means a happy baby! If you still want to be absolutely sure, we have a to-do list drawn up for you.

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2. Miscarriage

Well, this fear is natural, and yes, there are always variables. If there is a problem you really need to worry about, your doctor will inform you. But remember, with each passing week, the chances of a miscarriage keep lowering. So, for now, focus on living a stress-free life, and talk to your doctor about a fitness routine that’s going to keep you - and the baby - healthy.

3. Weight gain

When pregnant, you’re bound to grow bigger and put on a few extra pounds. This, clearly, shouldn’t be a cause for worry. It’s okay if you don’t fit into your college denims after delivering your bundle of joy; the weight will go down eventually. You can always discuss this with your doctor beforehand, and start doing some light workouts post delivery. Just, don’t be in a hurry - no one is judging you for it.

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4. Stretch marks

Yes, your skin is going to expand, but only to hold a beautiful life within you. Exposing your midriff might not be possible right after delivery, but don’t lose hope - a host of products (read lotions) available in the market aim at diminishing stretch marks over a period of time. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is consistency.

5. Numerous Trips to The Loo

You want to pee, ALL the time. But, it’s only natural, given the amount of pressure on your pelvic area. PS: A little leak here and there is also perfectly fine. This, of all things, must not worry you at all - don’t be embarrassed to talk to other women about it, they’ve probably been through the same.

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6. Labour Pains

Horror stories by mothers who’ve not had it easy are bound to scare you. And your own imagination only adds fuel to fire. To top it all, screaming mommies on big and small screen make it look all the more difficult! So, yes, labour is going to be painful, but your threshold for pain will determine the degree of that pain. So, stay strong! However, it'll all be worth it when you hold the lil one in your arms.

7. Being A Bad Mom

And suddenly you begin to think, “OMG! What have I done? I’m not even prepared for this!” But, calm down, there will always be those days. Take solace in the fact that you have been chosen for motherhood, and it will come to you naturally. Besides, we all learn better on the job!

Pregnant Women Worry About 7

8. “Will I Stop Being A Wife And Just Become A Mother?”

If you’re worried about the baby taking up all your time and your partner feeling left out, STOP, now! Having a baby involves two people - your partner will be as involved as you in the process. Just keep all channels of communication with him open, and everything else will take care of itself.

9. Umm...Sex?

Blame it on the hormones, but you’re going to experience some serious highs and lows on your sex drive. And it’s really okay for pregnant women to have sex, as long as you’ve talked to your doctor about it - he/she will let you know when to stop doing it! Fun fact: sex is one of the biggest stress relievers during pregnancy. And, needless to say, it heightens the intimacy between you and your partner. So, go ahead, get your sexy on!

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