15 Things Only Girls With Small Boobs Will Get!

15 Things Only Girls With Small Boobs Will Get!
When you were in school, you thought that you would probably grow out of that A cup. And maybe you did, but never quite reached the proportions as most of your friends. But guess what, it’s not all bad! While it’s sometimes a curse, it’s at other times a blessing. Here are some things only girls with small boobs will get!

1. No matter how much you tug your top down, there is NO cleavage.

2. But the great thing is that you can go braless and nobody can tell the difference.

small boobs 9

3. You have been called a board ALL YOUR LIFE.

4. On the other hand, you’ve been the same bra size since you were 16. Your girlfriends are teeny bit jealous of your bra collection.

5. No one understands the term ‘stuffing’ like you do. You’ve tried so many different ways and things to stuff your bra with to make those boobs look bigger!

small boobs 2

6. But you get to smirk a little every time a bustier friend complains about you never needing a stole to “cover up”!

7. You can’t stop cursing clothing manufacturers. Hello, not everyone has an hourglass figure. Can you make some not-so-much-space-around-the-chest clothes already?

8. However, you can go running, jumping, jogging without a sports bra. Life’s just simpler for you!

9. As a teenager, you Googled and tried all types of exercises for growing your boobs. “We must, we must, we MUST increase our bust!”

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10. And then you discovered push-up bras!

11. You once found a guy who was SO right for you. And then you found out he was a “boob” guy. :-( :-(

12. Chest-bumps are SO your thing! While others are all about high-fives and “up-tops”, you and your bros would rather chest-bump it out! :-D

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13. You’ve at least once wanted to slap your tailor for suggesting you get some “pads” stitched into your kurta to give you more “curves”.

14. But then again, you don’t understand when women around you complain about under-boob sweat. What’s that about?! :-P

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15. Telling your boobs: "You Matter!" ;-)