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10 Things Only An Unintentional Flirt Can Understand

10 Things Only An Unintentional Flirt Can Understand
There are some of us who like talking to people. All kinds of people. Including guys. And when we talk, we really enjoy the conversation - and make every attempt to engage the person we’re talking to! Even if it is a GUY. And NO, we’re not “flirting” with him! But, the world often seems to think we are. WTF, world? We’re just having a fun conversation! And WTF, guys? We ain’t hitting on you just because we’re being nice about stuff. Stop judging us, already!

Here’s what only an unintentional flirt can understand!

1. You don’t get why that guy JUST wouldn’t give up! You actually just liked the colour of his shirt - you might even end up buying it for your brother. You weren’t saying he should take it off for you on Snapchat!

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2. You have a not-so-close-friend-anymore who is FIRMLY convinced that you were once hitting on her boyfriend. Though you did No. Such. Thing.

3. As a result, your now BFF’s boyfriend actually thinks you’re seriously weird - you’re so careful about everything you say to him that you basically speak in half-thoughts and stilted sentences!

4. SO many people have talked about it that you’ve started pulling your hair back from your face and tying it so that you don’t accidentally twirl it at people.

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5. You have a stalker who has been texting you and texting you and texting you since the New Year’s party. (OMG, dude, I just danced with you - back off, okay?!)

6. Okay, so you did NOT think that teasing your colleague about his wild hair would make him think you wanted to go home with him! He was teasing, you were teasing back. Isn’t that that how normal conversation works?

7. Ladies’ night with friends of friends: WHY did his girlfriend seem so upset?l You were just laughing at his not-good joke to be NICE!

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8. It’s not your fault you got invited to watch the game at your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s place next week. You’re genuinely interested in football! Go, ManU!!

9. Okay, random classmate, hold up! Reading out those cheesy dialogues from 50 Shades Of Grey in my “dramatic” voice in the canteen was just friendly banter. What’s with those late-night texts now?!

10. And you get seriously confused about how to actually hit on someone - your crush just thinks you’re being “friendly” with him, just as you are with everyone else. :-P

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