31 Random Things EVERY Girl Does When No One Is Watching!

31 Random Things EVERY Girl Does When No One Is Watching!
We might pride ourselves on being way better-mannered and behaved than most of the guys we know - but we have to admit that we have our fair share of secrets too. Especially when it comes to the things we get up to in the privacy of our own homes! Here are our top picks of the random (and sometimes downright ridiculous) things we ALL do - but would never, ever admit to in public! Yes, we’re all fabulously wonderful and unique in our own special ways, but when it comes to (slightly embarrassing) “me time” activities, we’re all soul sisters!

1. Take off our bra the SECOND we get home. No more boob jail!

2. Binge on reruns of Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars when there’s nothing else to watch.

3. Google: how to… get thin, get longer eyelashes, get nicer hair, be better in bed.

4. Poke at that pimple. (Don’t lie!!)

things girls do 1

5. Pass nasty comments in our head about our ex. Just randomly.

6. Google ourselves. (Hey, SOMEONE might be talking about us!!)

7. Be jealous (even if for 30 seconds) of that super-skinny friend of friend.

love to hurt you right now

8. Convince ourselves that we’re pregnant every time our period is a day and a half late.

9. Eat crisps, chocolate, ice cream - and basically anything we can - in bed. Must. Not. Move.

10. Spend 5 hours obsessing about what to wear to a party just in case our crush is there.

11. Try and check out if our ass is looking nice in every full-length mirror we pass. Provided no one else is around, of course.

12. Sing all the words to our favourite song out loud, at the top of our voice, into anything that we can (even remotely) pretend is a microphone.

all by myself

13. Hang out (unclothed) after our shower for about 15 minutes and do nothing at all. EVERYONE should have a few minutes of nudie time to themselves. :-P

14. Buy clothes a size small in the determined hope that we will fit into it by next season.

15. And then buy workout clothes just to make ourselves feel one step closer to actually going to the gym.

16. Go through our Facebook timelines just to see how far we’ve come in the last 2 years. (Mostly the answer is “not THAT far”!)

17. Watch online makeup tutorials and then attempt the same look. Make really weird faces at the mirror while doing this.

18. Order a massive meal, sides and then, because we feel guilty, a DIET soda.

things girls do 3

19. Formulate a text message 7 times over before actually sending it to our sworn frenemy.

20. Take 55 selfies that are NEVER going to see the light of day. Ever. And then delete them.

21. Spend hours on an online shopping site filling up our cart with clothes, bags, shoes - only to NOT buy them in the end. We LOVE window-shopping!

what to wear

22. Compulsively check our phone for messages from that special someone, even though the phone hasn’t buzzed.

23. Run out of hot men to check out on Facebook (really, where ARE they?), and then go through our friends’ friends-lists to check out hot women instead.

24. Go through our list of followers on Instagram just to see if there’s anyone new. And maybe famous!

25. Pour ourselves a glass of wine. And finish the bottle instead.

26. Whatsapp our BFFs EVERYTHING. Even the things we have been specifically asked to not tell anybody!!

27. Fantasize about that stupid ex coming back and grovelling to get back together. (And rejecting him, obvs.)

things girls do 2

28. Plan our (imaginary) wedding on Pinterest. Then triple-check that the board is secret and no one who knows us can find it!

29. Recite all the dialogues to our favourite movie while watching it for the 1,000th time.

30. Act out a few scenes. We got SKILLS, yo.

getting ready

31. Practice twerking in front of the mirror. Wonder why Miley Cyrus is famous for this - we do it so much better!

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