15 WTF Things People Say When You Don't Wear Kajal For A Day

15 WTF Things People Say When You Don't Wear Kajal For A Day
If you wear kajal regularly, we’re pretty sure you almost never step out of the house without it on. You may not have had the time to put on sunscreen or get that messy bun right, but that trusty kajal swipe is almost always there. So on those rare occasions when you're not wearing kajal, we’re pretty sure you get bizarre looks and comments from the people you meet.

Here are some of the WTF things we’ve heard on days when we’ve decided to give the kajal a miss.

1. Why do you look so sleepy?!

Maybe because you’re boring me. *yawn*

not wearing kajal

2. Are you sick?

No, but you just might make me.

3. OMG! You look *so* different.

Really? It’s not like I’ve gone bald or something.

not wearing Kaajal

4. Wow, your dark circles are getting worse

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately ….

5. Have you been crying? Is something wrong?

Other than the fact that you’re annoying me, no, nothing is wrong,

not wearing kaajal

6. You actually look nice without kajal! Very natural.

Thanks! The Beauty IS natural.

7. It’s so nice that you aren’t worried about your looks at all.

Actually, yes that IS nice!

not wearing kaajal

8. Did you just get back from the gym or something?

Wow you must think I barely ever sweat!!

9. Are you hungover?

No. But I’m hungry, and you’re in my way.

not wearing kaajal

10. I never noticed how small your eyes are.

Well, now you do! See how I’m glaring at you with my small eyes?

11. Do you want to borrow my kajal?

Do you want to borrow my brain?

not wearing Kaajal

12. Were you running late? Is that why you forgot to apply kajal?

I’m sorry you missed the memo, but I’m not *actually* answerable to you

13. Have you showered today?

Why? Do I smell worse than you?!

not wearing Kaajal

14. Your eyes are so pretty, you don’t actually need to use kajal all the time.

Why, thank you.

15. Don’t you feel naked without kajal?

No, do you?

not wearing Kaajal

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