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Wedgie, Muffin Top, Camel Toe: 3 Tests To Find The Perfect Pants

Wedgie, Muffin Top, Camel Toe: 3 Tests To Find The Perfect Pants
We’ve all been in that uncomfortable situation - when we suddenly realize that we’ve either grown out of our pants, or we just never fit into them perfectly to begin with. Here are the tests you should take before buying a pair to check if they are the right choice for you!

The Wedgie Test

Do you find yourself trying to check your butt out in the mirror every chance you get just to make sure that your pants aren’t, uh, stuck? Do you run to the loo to fix the wedgie your pants have given you every half hour? No pair of pants that fit you right should do that.

Move around: It might feel a bit awkward doing this at the store, but move around in the trial room (and outside it!) as much as you can. Sit, cross your legs, get up. Sit, pull one leg up onto your seat, get up. Do your pants still sit right across your butt? Or do you feel the need to pull at them because they’re dangerously stretched or giving you a wedgie? If you it’s the latter, you need to try on a larger size or a style with a lower waistline that has a roomier crotch area and butt area!

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The Camel Toe Test

Idealy, as soon as you twist the button shut and face the mirror, you should be able to tell. To be on the safer side, step outside your trial room and take a couple of large steps and check: can you see a visible camel toe? Are your pants moulding your crotch so snugly that very little is left to the imagination? Is there even a hint of that happening? If the answer is a yes, there are a few things you can do to find a more appropriate pair of pants.

Go thicker: Choose a pair that is made of a slightly thicker material like cotton twill or broadcloth. If you’re buying jeans, switch from the super-thin denims (like lycra mix and jeggings) to the thicker versions.

Go higher: You can also opt for mid-rise pants - they start at the middle of your waist are more likely to not give you a camel toe as they have a much roomier crotch area and longer inseam.

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The Muffin Top Test

Put your right hand up and bend your torso the the left. Then put your left hand up bend towards the right! Basically, just wiggle around. Might sound silly, but it’ll instantly tell you if the pants you’re trying on will give you a visible muffin top. Just ask yourself, are you spilling out of your pants at the waist? If yes, then:

Line it: Pants with an extra layer of fabric (the lining) will help smooth over any awkward bulges.

High-Rise: Opt for high-waisted pants. They’re much better at covering up love handles and muffin tops than low-waist ones!

Low On Lycra: Choose comfortable pants that have 5% or less of lycra. While stretch is good for fitting, too much of it will make the pants cling to every little curve and emphasize them.

Try Out An “Odd” Size: Most brands now carry 27s and 29s and so on - you no longer have to choose between the too-tight 28 that cuts into your flesh and makes your tummy bulge above the button, or the too-loose 30 that you feel like you’re swimming in!

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