#Aww: 19 Adorable Ways In Which Your Man Shows You His Love!

#Aww: 19 Adorable Ways In Which Your Man Shows You His Love!
Men are from Mars. And as you might expect, they are not “words” people - they are “actions” people. If you’ve been feeling grumpy because your man ain’t telling you (often enough) that he loves you, we give you a list that proves he does! Learn his language, appreciate the gestures, and maybe show him some love with a sweet lil kiss - or, better still, a bare, bear hug! ;-)

1. Hello, hello!

He calls you on his way home to ask what’s for dinner. That’s not being selfish, that’s his way of checking if your favourite red velvet cake he would be bringing home for dessert would pair well with the rest of the menu. Actually, that’s also his way of hear your soothing voice after a long, tiring day.

2. Sleeping and snuggling

That moment he rolls over, puts his arms around and pulls you closer in his sleep. Bliss!

sweet things men do

3. You time

When he chose you over his friends, know that it was super-hard for him to take that decision, but yay, he did.

4. Social media love

He likes your posts on Facebook or retweets your tweets – just his way of saying “I follow you, babe!”

sweet things men do


5. Food for thought

When he randomly takes your parents out for lunch, understand that it’s his way of showing respect to the beautiful people who mean the world to you.

6. Booking it

Like us, men too love going out for dinners and movies, but planning isn’t their forte. If he books a table at a restaurant or for a weekday movie show, it means he really wants to spend time with you!

sweet things men do

7. Switched off

On days that you are unwell, he switches off his phone and stays at home to take care of you! Awww!

8. Save it for the last

He gives you the last bite of his favourite dessert. Trust us, it takes a lot for a man to do that.

sweet things men do

9. Text love

When he is away from you and texts you good morning and good night, it’s his way of saying “You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing in my heart when I go to bed.”

10. Candid pictures

He takes candid photos of you so that he has you on his phone to flip through and smile on a rough day.

sweet things men do

11. Makes the bed

It is his way of helping you after a long, long day. Choo-chweet!

12. Just talking

It’s 3 a.m., and he has to get to work early, but he is still awake, still talking to you - because he wants you to know everything is okay in your world!

sweet things men do

13. Couch-surfing

He snuggles up to you while watching TV. Can there be anything better in life than that?

14. Kind deeds

He does random favours for you and your BFF so that you guys can make it for that crazy girlie vacay you’d planned for ages!

sweet things men do

15. Boarding up

He plays your favourite board game because it brings a smile to your face. Even if he hates Scrabble!

16. The pacifier

In your most irate moments (with the laundry-walla, rickshaw-walla, grocery-walla), he calms you down and reminds you that it’s just not worth it!

sweet things men do

17.Decked out

Yes, he prefers to be in track pants or shorts most of the time. But sometimes, if you guys are going out together, he actually dresses up.

18. Late night love

That time when there is too much work for you to finish, and he stays up late with you, and when you are done, he rubs your back. Ecstasy!!!

19. XOXO

When he hugs you every chance he gets and whispers sweet-nothings in your ear, especially when you are busy... he means “I love you to the moon and back!”

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