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10 Super-Cute Pajamas That Will Perk You Right Up!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

When you’re having a bad day, or a bad week, the one thing that you could really, really do with is an effortless pick-me-up at the end of the day. When even getting a drink or ordering in ice cream is too much trouble. Worry not, ladies, we have just what you need - happy-making pajamas! All you have to do, to cheer up just a little bit, is slip into them. And we bring you the CUTEST ones we could fine. Because, after all, a girl who goes to bed happy, wakes up happy! :-)

1. Sprinkles On Top PJ Set

cute pajamas

We love the pastel colours, the cute ice-cream cone graphic on the tee and, most importantly, the fact that it looks so cute and comfortable to wear. And WHAT a blessing those bottoms are for hot summer nights!

Price: Rs 769. Buy it here!

2. Coucou Numero Full Sleeve Top and Pajama Set

cute pajamas

After wearing this cute navy pair of pyjamas, you’re bound to see numbers in a new light. It gives off that sporty vibe, and it looks comfy to wear as well. Perfect to wear around the house when your plan is to do nothing all day.

Price: Rs 1,325. Buy it here!

3. So Late PJ Set

cute pajamas

This super-adorable PJ set is lightweight (cotton) and can really express your feelings about mornings! If only we could wear them to work too!

Price: Rs 889. Buy it here!

4. Disney By July Nightwear

cute pajamas

“YAAAAWWWN!” says Pluto - so do we to everyone and everything that bothers us!

Price: Rs 1,325. Buy it here!

5. Unicorn PJ Set

cute pajamas

Yes, unicorns are rare. So are nice girls like us! Slip into this comfy cotton set and get dreaming already!

Price: Rs 479. Buy it here!

6. July Nightwear Blue Printed Nightwear Pajama

pj 6

Tiny cows playing guitars? We could think of worse ways to be serenaded to sleep! Buy it, girl, buy it now.

Price: Rs 949. Buy it here!

7. July Nightwear Brown Printed Nightwear Pajama

cute pajamas

“I’m toast!” How MANY times have we felt this about life? Also, SUCH a great outfit to wear to the breakfast table.

Price: Rs 949. Buy it here!

8. July Nightwear Grey Printed Pajama

cute pajamas

Come on, who DOESN’T love Pluto? We all do! And we all want snacks too! This is one of our fave sets. Instant mood-lifter!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here!

9. PrettySecrets White Baby Pink Polka Comfy Cotton PJ Set

cute pajamas

If you want to feel like a princess, you’ve got to dress like one too! AND gotta have the moves to kick the butts of all those Prince-Charming-NOTS who bug us.

Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here!

10. Penny Dreamwear Little Flower Print Top And Shorts Set

cute pajamas

And can any girl’s wardrobe be complete without a sexy, feminine set? Pick up this pretty polka-dotted set now!!

Price: Rs 848. Buy it here!
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Published on May 29, 2015
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