10 Signs You've Found A Forever Kind Of Guy!

10 Signs You've Found A Forever Kind Of Guy!
So you’ve been meeting guys long enough to understand how they basically work. Some of them may be sensitive, but they don’t want to let it show. They may want to do all sorts of cheesy and romantic things for/with you, but would not be caught dead doing any of that in front of their friends! So when you find someone who’s in it just as much as you are, someone who is 100% himself with you and allows you to do the same, someone you can think of as a best friend and companion - hold on to him, ladies! Here are a few signs to get you thinking about whether you may have actually found your “forever” kind of guy!

1. He’s seen you do the weirdest of things (literally) and he still thinks you’re awesome!

Yup, he’s helped you wash your face after you threw up after binge-drinking at a party, he’s seen you throw a tantrum after a tough day at work, cry when you’re too tired, shout when you’ve had a fight with your mom or bestie, and even eat like a pig. And guess what? It doesn’t bother him!

perfect man - seen you at your worst

2. There is no room for petty power games, no tug of war of egos. Woohoo!

Insecurity? Jealousy? What are those? Your man never lets you feel in the least bit like you have to compete for his attention. Whether he’s out for lunch with his (super-hot) co-worker or drinks with a female friend, you know you have nothing to worry about. He makes it super clear to you and to everyone else where his heart really lies.

3. Being supportive of your dreams and aspirations could be his job at this point - he’s just so good at it!

Although it would break his heart to be apart from you, he doesn’t hold back from encouraging you to do that year abroad you’ve always wanted to do, or even accept that once-in-a-lifetime job on a different continent altogether. He wants you to have the best you can! And he isn’t afraid to take on that distance.

perfect man - supportive

4. He’s like your very own backup army, yet he isn’t afraid of being brutally honest with you.

He never wants to hurt your feelings, but he’s not afraid of calling you out when you’re wrong. And if someone is doing you wrong in any way at all, it infuriates him almost as much as it upsets you. He knows you’re capable of taking care of yourself, but he has made it amply clear to you that he’s right there if you need backup!

giphy-always has your back

5. Making random plans for the future that include him? NOT a problem.

He isn’t scared of making plans for December in March, or even planning an exotice holiday with you for next summer. Even if you happen to talk about your general 5-year-plan with him - and the plan includes him - it doesn’t freak him out. In a world where men are afraid to commit to a plan for the coming weekend, ladies, we think you’ve found a keeper!

6. Your friends sometimes crack jokes about being ready to pay you to say you’ve have had enough of each other

You don’t even know what that means, really, because when you’re together, you always have an amazing time. You could be staying in and watching a movie, out for dinner or a crazy night about town - or just sitting together and doing your own thing in complete silence. Whatever the scenario, you can’t think of a better partner to have.

perfect man - never get tired of each other

7. He more than understands that sex is just a part of the relationship, not the relationship itself

While sex may be an integral part of your relationship, it isn’t all he’s thinking about all the time. There is so much more than just the physical aspect that attracts the two of you to each other and keeps the intimacy in the relationship alive!

8. He is not afraid of letting his guard down with you

Whether it's discussing how tough things have been at work lately, talking about his deepest fears or confessing his truest feelings for you, he isn’t being at all shy or reserved and hiding his more sensitive side from you. Trust us, that’s pretty rare!

perfect man - letting guard down

9. He makes sure to let you know (at least once in a while) how important you are to him

If you like getting flowers randomly - he’ll get you some; you love hand-written cards or letters - even if it’s a one liner, he has tried; you love sightseeing - guess who's up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday to do just that with you? He does things, big or small, to let you know that you’re on his mind and that you mean something to him.

10. He never makes you second-guess his feelings for you

He lets you and the world know you’re his girl. You never have to worry about him hiding that part of his life from anyone or going behind your back to hurt your feelings. He is what he is - right in front of you and everyone else.perfect man - guard down

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