15 Signs You Are A Badass In Bed

15 Signs You Are A Badass In Bed
You know what they say: a girl who knows her way around a man, especially in the bedroom, is a pretty badass one. Here are 15 signs that you are!

1. You know your bases. (And have mastered them all!)

good in bed

2. You’ve been asked by your friends to explain the “facts of life”. You’re the expert, after all.

badass in bed (2)

3. You still receive mournful calls and sexts from your exes. You have to remind them that you guys aren’t together any longer, so this is a bit inappropriate.

good in bed

4. At least one man has gasped the words “I love you” to you in the heat of the moment.

badass in bed (12)

5. You’ve happily showed up late for class/ work because your guy just wouldn’t leave you alone in the morning! ;-)

good in bed

6. You are no stranger to the phrase “That was the best EVER.”

badass in bed (4)

7. You score kinda low on the “purity test” quizzes you’ve taken. :-P

good in bed

8. If you change your Facebook status from “Single” to “In A Relationship”, the result is a bunch of guys DM-ing you sad-face emojis.

badass in bed (16)

9. You never have to do more than drop a hint that you’re willing for things to happen.

good in bed

10. You have been served breakfast in bed by a guy. Voluntarily.

badass in bed (6)

11. There have been days (and nights) when you’ve received booty call invitations from multiple sources.

good in bed

12. If you ask “What if your neighbours see me?”, the boy usually says “I don’t care.”

badass in bed (17)

13. People have tried to woo you with compliments/ food/ alcohol/ gifts to convince you to consider their suit. (You, however, are smart enough to gracefully accept the compliments, devour all the food, pay for your own alcohol and return the gifts.)

good in bed

14. Skulk away in the middle of the night? That rarely happens. Your boy (of the moment) would rather lock you into the bedroom with him than let you go.

badass in bed (5)

15. You just know you are.

good in bed

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