25 Surefire Signs You Are In A Steady Relationship!

25 Surefire Signs You Are In A Steady Relationship!
Between a guy being “just a friend” and your boyfriend, there’s that in-between phase - when you’re romantically involved, yes, but you’re not quite sure whether you’re seeing each other casually or if it’s something more, something deeper. Whether you’re ready to put a label on your relationship or not, we bring you a few signs that you’re definitely going steady with each other! Good luck, girl. :-)

1. You’re okay with meeting him in your home clothes. And he doesn’t mind either!

going steady 1

2. You’re seeing each other exclusively. (Those casual dates with other people, you haven’t been on any of those for a while. Neither has he.)

3. There are days when you don’t bother with more than lip balm. He’s seen you without kajal.

4. He tops the “Most Frequently Called” list on your phone.

5. He knows the lyrics to your favourite song. (You have no problems singing it in front of him, after all!)

going steady 5

6. You’ve even started ordering each other’s favourite drinks at the bar - after all, you’re willing to try out each other’s interests.

7. You’re beginning to sound a lot like each other. Words, phrases, sentences! Perks of spending all that time together?! (And all of your friends have noticed this!!)

8. You don’t bother replying to that random hot guy’s flirty texts any more. In fact, you’ve showed a couple to him saying “LOL, can you believe it?!”

9. His parents know of your existence.

going steady 9

10. You can’t wait to tell him anything and EVERYTHING that’s up with you.

11. His friends are becoming your friends - you’ve hung out with them even without him.

12. You meet more than twice a week. In fact, you have a standing date for Friday night.

going steady 12

13. You can’t wait to tell him about that juicy piece of gossip you heard earlier.

14. He’s seen you eat a burger. And a sub. And tandoori chicken without using cutlery.

15. He asks you over to hang out with him - just so you guys spend time together. Even if he’s watching a cricket match and you’re catching up on work.

going steady 15

16. Suddenly all those lyrics you thought were too mushy before have started to make sense!

17. You’ve deleted Tinder from your phone. (And so has he. You’ve checked!!)

18. You’ve had at least one heartfelt talk about future plans and life goals.

going steady 18

19. He’s watched your favourite movie with you, more than once! And you’ve watched his. Without complaining. :-P

20. You have cute (and private!) nicknames for each other.

21. He’s started asking random questions about your friends and family and pays attention to your answers.

going steady 21

22. There’s no sense of time when you’re together. Boredom? What’s that?!

23. You don’t need to be in touch all day, every day to know that you’re on his mind! In fact, he’s randomly texted you telling you that himself.

24. You’ve wondered out loud what life would be like without each other. The answer is: less fantastic.

25. The L-word doesn’t scare you any more. In fact, it sounds a lot like happiness! :-)

going steady 25

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