11 Signs You And Your Man Make One Badass Couple!

11 Signs You And Your Man Make One Badass Couple!
There is nothing better than being with someone you have a connection so unique with that it’s difficult to explain to others! Being around them makes you happy and you cannot get that silly smile off your face when you think about them!

You act like complete idiots (the cutesy ones, you know) when you’re with one another, are pretty different but strangely in sync where it matters, and have turned blind towards the world's judgements when you’re together! Here are a few signs that you’re THE badass couple the world needs to watch out for!

1. The fact that you’re so attracted to one another is enough of a confidence boost for the both of you

You really don’t need a random compliment from anyone else to make you feel good about yourself. You know how your partner feels about you, and that is enough to keep you smiling all day!

awesome couple

2. You don’t care where you are or who’s around…

… if you’ve got each other’s company, you’re just like a bunch of crazy kids. You’ve even stepped out in ridiculously fun/cute matching outfits! And danced like crazies at some random wedding. Because, it’s okay!

3.You’re not afraid to let your adventurous streak out in bed

You don’t shy away from letting go of your inhibitions between the sheets!

awesome couple

4. You fight, but you do it productively

No more yelling and calling each other names. If you fight, it’s because the issue has a solution and you’re just trying to reach it!

5. You’re always on the go (or at least plan to be!)

Whether it’s a road trip, a weekend getaway or just a super-fun night out - you do not get bored of being in each other’s company, and have plenty of things you want to try out together!

awesome couple


6. Okay, honestly, all your friends are slightly jealous of your awesomeness when you’re together

What? They ought to be. You know you’re awesome together. ;-)

7. You’re absolutely not afraid to call each other out when you’re wrong. But God forbid someone else does it in front of you!

Yes, you’re cool telling them when they’re wrong, even be slightly rude about it occasionally. But hello, you random friend of friend, you CANNOT do that! DO NOT tread into that territory.

awesome couple

8. You couldn’t care less what anyone else, even your friends, have to say about your significant other

Haters gonna hate!

9. You laugh. A lot.

It’s simple and fun when you’re together. And Oh My God do you guys crack up over just about everything or what!

awesome couple

10. People should really want to be in your good books. Because, oh, the things you say about the people you dislike!

Hey, it’s only because you know your partner is not judging you! And it’s fun to let it out sometimes. :-P

11. You’re totally okay with going for breakfast together in your pajamas.

Like, seriously. That’s just how comfortable you are with each other!

awesome couple

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