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Shoo Away Those Period Blues With These 10 Tips!

Shoo Away Those Period Blues With These 10 Tips!
When we’re not exactly creating a new life, Mother Nature’s gift to womankind goes hand in hand with bloating, cramps and raging mood swings! Your period affects not just your body but your mind as well, ugh! But there ARE a few ways to make it more relaxing and pleasant. Yes, it’s true. We give you a few ways to feel better during that time of the month. You may want to try these every month for the next 20 to 30 or so years!


1. Try Some Heat Therapy

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Your grandma was right about using a hot water bottle to relieve those monstrous cramps. The heat helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the pelvic area, which leads to a feeling of comfort and relief in your muscles and tissues. Also, a hot cup of tea is also known to do magical wonders for those painful cramps, especially chamomile tea.

2. Avoid Those Foods You Think Will Make You Feel Better – They Won’t!

Sugar, salt, caffeine and aerated drinks are only going to make you feel worse. Yup, as much as you want to dig into a huge slice of cake or a tub of salted popcorn or fries - now more than ever - try and curb those cravings. Salt causes water retention, which means more bloating; sugar leads to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, meaning more irritation and annoyance with life; and caffeine spikes oestrogen production, meaning tender boobs and extreme PMS symptoms. Yikes!

3. Keep Those Breakouts At Bay

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We’re no stranger to annoying red spots appearing on our face in the week leading up to our period and during it as well. A huge zit can really make you feel even worse, which is why you should always have some tea tree oil at hand. If you feel get that achy and uncomfortable feeling of a blemish coming on, dab some tea tree oil on it with a cotton ball. Also, squeeze some lemon in your water to help you get clearer skin.

4. Eat!

Yup, eating regularly helps speed up and regularize your metabolism, which gives you more energy and helps you feel good. Small meals every few hours is much more healthy for you as opposed to 3 big ones in a day. And no, eating often won’t make you put on weight; in fact, your increased metabolic rate makes it easier to burn off the extra calories. This is a good practice to follow always, and not just when you have your period.

5. Bring Out Your Comfiest Gear

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How are you supposed to feel good if your clothes are uncomfortable? When you’re menstruating, skinny jeans, tight dresses and crop tops are only going to make you feel worse. All that bloating can really drive us off the edge while squeezing into these clothes! It’s perfectly ok to lounge around in your rattiest PJ’s. Now is the time to embrace cotton pants and maxi skirts - they’re breezy, stylish and will definitely help you feel much more comfortable. We show you some comfy fashion for that time of the month.

6. Some Self-Indulgence Will Do The Trick

You’re in no mood to paint the town red in sky-high heels, sure, but why not try some relaxing self-indulgence? Book yourself in for a soothing massage at your neighborhood spa, try some herbal teas, splurge on essential oils for a calming bath session and get a mani-pedi. It’ll do you a world of good since you feel extra tired during this time of the month and deserve some me-time to recuperate.

7. Get Off That Booty

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Yes, we just told you to relax, but not for 5 days straight. Laying in bed for days like a vegetable isn’t going to help you feel any better. You’ll feel much better if you get up and get a bit of exercise. Don’t worry, we don’t mean a torturous workout session, but something to get your blood circulation going and to release those feel-good hormones. A yoga class, a dance session with your bestie or even just a short walk will leave you feeling refreshed and much better, we promise.

8. Foods To Help You Feel Better

We told you some foods you should avoid, so try replacing them with healthier options. Nuts, chicken, fish, eggs, potatoes, bananas, citrus fruits and loads of veggies can help reduce those PMS symptoms as well as give you clearer skin and fight those pesky spots.

9. Don’t Try Anything Painful

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You probably already know this, but you’re way more physically sensitive before and during your period, which means that pain is magnified during this time. Yup, that goes for anything from squeezing your feet into those 5-inch stilettos to getting a tattoo or a piercing to having your blackheads removed. You will definitely want to reschedule your waxing and threading appointments to another time in the month, trust us.

10. Drink Water To Curb Bloating

Yes, we know bloating is caused by water retention, and no, we’re not crazy. Dehydration causes your body to hold on to water, which leads to bloating. So do yourself a favour and load up on plenty of H2O to stay hydrated. Not only will it flush out the toxins from your body and help reduce bloating, it will also make your skin look fantastic!

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