OOPS! 10 Sex Games That Did NOT Go As Planned!

OOPS! 10 Sex Games That Did NOT Go As Planned!
We’ve all tried to revv things up in the bedroom with something “new”. Sometimes it’s been great, at other times we’ve ended up doing things that made us look like complete dummies. Today we bring you 10 stories of “sexperimenting” that did not quite go as planned!

1. “We were experimenting with handcuffs. And it was great. But then halfway through it, the bloody key just wouldn’t turn! We obviously couldn’t call a locksmith - and he had to call his friend who had bolt-cutter to come over and help.”

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2. “We thought we’d get it on in the shower. During our oh-so-sexy shower, I accidentally dropped the soap. In an attempt to pick it back up, he slipped and fell face first! Ouch!!”

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3. “He wanted to try the prof-grad student thing, and I was playing the ‘student’. Except that it was right after my CAT exam, and when he whispered ‘You’ve failed’ into my ear, I freaked out completely and started crying.”

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4. “It was Halloween, and we’d dressed up as Batman and Catwoman. We got home, and were ready to pull each other’s clothes off. But my costume was so tight that I could NOT get out of it. We had to find a pair of scissors to cut me out of it. We kinda lost the momentum by the end of it.”

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5. “I finally convinced my boyfriend to try out a Bella-Edward scenario, even though he HATES Twilight. But then he tried to nibble on my neck and his fake teeth got stuck in my hair.”

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6. “We were trying out the ‘cute delivery guy’ storyline for our anniversary. At the time we’d decided on, the doorbell rang. I opened it, dressed in a nightdress that showed more than it hid - and it was the neighbour’s bai with prasad! I have never been more embarrassed in my life.”

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7. “I thought I’d play masseuse and give him a super-sensual back rub. Turns out he already had some sort of dormant back injury and I only ended up aggravating it. Poor thing was on bed rest for the next three days!!”

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8. “It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to plan something special. So I lit candles all around his bed and waited for him. It was all very romantic until we realized it was getting a bit TOO hot in the room. Then we noticed that the wind had knocked open one of the windows and the curtain was on fire!”

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9. “We were making out in the front seat of his car. He was reaching for me, and I was trying to move towards him, and I accidentally knocked the gear-shaft with my knee. Into him.”

sexperiments 9

10. “I was the nurse. He was the patient. I asked him to roll over for his ‘exam’. In his excitement, he rolled off the cot altogether.”

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