8 Secrets He's Probably Keeping From You, But It's OKAY!

8 Secrets He's Probably Keeping From You, But It's OKAY!
We’re curious - does your man tell you everything? If that’s a nod aye, you might be in for a surprise! Because these, ladies, are 8 things men usually keep secret from their partners!

1. That he might never stop watching porn

Don’t expect him to talk openly about it - he does fear your judgment, you know! The truth, however, is, he has, as a teenager, and still continues to (occasionally), watch porn. But hey! As long as it doesn’t hamper any activity under the sheets (with you!), it’s all cool.

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2. That he occasionally checks out other women

Your relationship status makes no difference to a man’s (or a woman’s!) natural urge to check out the opposite sex. Fret not; more often than not, it’s harmless - and why should you worry about him checking out the scenery outside as long as he comes home to you at the end of the day? :-)

3. That he stalks his ex

Social networking thrives on make-ups and break-ups, and of course, the aftermath. Like you, he too would like to know what’s going on in the “special someone” he left behind. Besides, in most cases, it’s the quickest route to an ego boost! It’s okay - if this annoys you, feel free to check out your ex’s profile for the next 5 minutes. ;-)

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4. That he’s stalked YOUR ex too

He doesn’t really want you to talk about him, but doesn’t mean he ain’t curious what your previous significant other(s) was like!

5. What exactly goes down on boys’ night

Ladies, don’t worry - it might be as innocuous as watching Avengers Age Of Ultron with his friends because he doesn’t think you’ll enjoy it the same way as his boys do. There’s a reason why it’s called “boys’ night”. You keep secrets from him about what exactly happens on ladies’ night too, don’t you?

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6. That he is very attached to his “equipment”

You know they have no female equivalent for “penis envy”, right? That’s because there really can’t be. Men care about their equipment very much - some of them even have their very own private (!) nicknames for it! But hey, don’t judge - after all, us girls like naming our boobs too!

7. That his “pleasuring” himself has nothing to do with you

It’s a thing men do - and many women too! As basic and everyday as threading one’s eyebrows. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the sex the two of you are having - it just means he wants some pleasure while he’s hanging out by himself too. Don’t judge him for it - keep your fingers crossed that he’s thinking about you while he’s at it! :-P

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8. He’s Googled “new sex positions”

Because, c’mon, who doesn’t want to get adventurous in the bedroom? Don’t be surprised if he decides to ask you some night when you’re getting jiggy whether you want to try “that thing” he read about somewhere…

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