11 Ridiculous Things We've ALL Done In The Trial Room!

11 Ridiculous Things We've ALL Done In The Trial Room!
Girls and trial rooms have a very intimate relationship, yet one that isn’t spoken about...enough! Here, we take a candid look at some of the most common, embarrassing and crazy things we are all guilty of doing behind that closed door! I mean, can we get an “amen”, sisters?

1. Pout after trying on the dress to see if you’re really feeling it!

This is crucial to figure out if you’re indeed ready for World Domination.

trial room 1

2. Cringe at how fat the damn mirror is making you look.

Wait, is it the mirror or have you actually gained weight?! You’re definitely not buying this dress now.

3. You spot another girl trying on a gorgeous dress and immediately ask the sales girl to get you one in your size.

And realize that the girl is glaring at you now. Oh, well!

trial room 3

4. Crouching uncomfortably in the small space and wiggling your butt to see if it looks huge in these pants...

...and falling over the stool, only to hear, “Are you alright, ma’am?”

5. Taking a selfie to ask your bestie whether the dress is a yay or nay…

And accidentally posting it as your Snapchat story instead. Abort. Abort!

trial room 5

6. Have a shopping assistant reprimand you because she heard the click of your camera while you took that selfie.


7. Stare at your face and wonder if your skin actually looks that bad or if it’s just the lighting.

OMG, is that a zit on your upper-lip?!!!

trial room 7

8. Can’t help but eavesdrop on an ongoing conversation in the next cubicle about a cheating boyfriend.

And then contemplate (in amazement) if you actually went to college with one of those girls!

9. Accidentally get your makeup on the white top you’re trying.

Hope the sales lady doesn’t notice it when you give it back!

trial room

10. Trying to desperately zip up a dress that is a size small for you.

And then having to call the assistant to come and unzip you out of it!


11. Going into a small trial room with your bestie and spending *way* too much time in there.

And everyone else looking at you with iffy eyes when you finally step out. Yeah, that.

trial room 11

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