#ChangeTheRules: 7 Reasons YOU Should Be Asking The Guy Out!

#ChangeTheRules: 7 Reasons YOU Should Be Asking The Guy Out!
Women of the world, we need a little chit-chat. So here we are, climbing corporate ladders, demanding equal pay for equal work, standing up to disrespectful catcallers (and other variants of the lot), going ahead in full force in every field that one can possibly think of… And yet, when it comes to asking out a man we have been crushing on forever, we’re still waiting for him to make the first move! Come on, ladies, it’s the 21st century - and there is no reason for you to sit around and wait for something great to happen.

If you feel something good could come of it, don’t hold back, ask him out! Here are a few good reasons for you to be asking a guy out.

1. You haven’t needed a man to do anything for you, so why start now? ;-)

Are you waiting for him to get you that job you’ve always wanted, or did you need his help earning that amazing degree? No, right? Then why wait for him to realize that the two of you could go on a super-fun date and maybe even have a fabulous future together?

asking a guy out

2. Because he probably just hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask you...

He might want to ask you out, but there is a huge chance that he’s afraid to because he might have to deal with the pain of your rejection. Men, much like us, don’t handle rejection well. So, why not be the brave one and make the first move? :-)

 3. He’s the shy sort and you’re not...

So, out of the two of you, you’re visibly bubblier, friendlier, and maybe even the more confident one. Use that to your advantage - and his! - and ask that cutie out.

asking a guy out

4. Don’t go by “the norm” - you need to decide what’s normal for you!

Society may consider the man making the first move the norm, but then they also usually think of the man as the sole breadwinner. So don’t go by what others think of as normal, do what you’re comfortable doing!

5. Believe it or not, it will give you a rush!

It’s kinda sexy to know what you want and go after it. We do it in our professional lives (hopefully) and even in our homes. It might sound cliched, but it doesn’t hurt to give ourselves one more reason to feel like the powerful women that we are.

asking a guy out

6. It’s one less thing you’ll have to obsess about!

Sitting and thinking about whether or not he will ask you out, spending endless hours on the phone with your girlfriends discussing those “mixed signals” - nah, you’ve got better things to do with your time. So just get on with it!

7. Because it’s high time dating became a two-way street!

Okay, let’s be honest, a lot may have changed in the battle of the sexes, but when it comes to dating we still almost always expect the guy to make the first move. And we know that’s not really fair. If we deserve all that extra care and attention, surely it can’t be so unfair to share some of that with them?

asking a guy out

All we can say is: go get ’em, girl!

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