#Suryagarh: 9 Reasons Why THIS Should Be Your Next Holiday!

#Suryagarh: 9 Reasons Why THIS Should Be Your Next Holiday!
There are some things in life that everyone must do - such as book yourself a holiday at a luxury hotel. And ladies, if that ain’t on your bucket list, it HAS to get on it. And we tell you just where to go - Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. From the most beautiful desert resort we’ve ever seen to the most accommodating staff members imaginable to the most lavish and comfy beds ever, we bring you 9 reasons to plan that vacay right NOW.

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1. Because no one will make you feel more welcome than them

From the Ghoomar dancers swirling to the beat of drums to the shower of rose petals as you enter to the chilled glass of the yummy Suryagarh Sunrise cocktail you’re greeted with, and right up to the moment of your departure, there’s no one in the world who’s going to make you feel more welcome (unless it’s your mom, of course)!

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2. Because if soaking in culture is your thing, you’re at the right place

Situated at the edge of the Thar Desert, only 80 kilometres from the Indo-Pak border, Jaisalmer is a place of vast history. Explore the stunning collection of armour at the resort itself, then step out to explore the centuries-old Rajputana city - the Jaisalmer Fort is possibly the largest living fort in India today.

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3. Because whether you want to try your hand at amateur archery or go bicycling with your besties, you get to do it all!

And don’t even get us started on the joys of dipping into a cool indoor pool to deal with the blazing heat of a summer day…

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4. Because the FOOD

Whether it’s wood-fired rabbit meat, a traditional Rajasthani vegetarian thali, junglee maas, or an amazing seven-course Mediterranean meal - the chefs of Suryagarh have you covered. We recommend: the superb Halwaii breakfast buffet at the Central Courtyard, a slow lunch at the Champa Garden and dinner at the lavish poolside banquet hosted by the hotel for its guests! (Seriously, yes, they host special events for their guests.)

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5. And, of course, the drinks!

Cognac, a vast selection of single malt, unique cocktail recipes and lovely coolers - it’s all a call away. And when you’re tired of room service, all you need to do is walk into Draksh - which not only has that great selection we mentioned, but also makes you feel like you’ve been transported into an old-world bar. (Also, you might not want to miss out on the opportunity to explore the government-licensed bhaang shops in Jaisalmer either!)

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6. Because each morning, afternoon, evening and night is different…

Breakfast with the peacocks at Khaba Fort at sunrise, go shopping at Jaisalmer’s markets and stock up on lovely leather goods and stunning patchwork quilts during the morning, enjoy a Camel Safari in afternoon, listen to folk singers regale you with ballads of love and war from centuries ago at sunset, and be adventurous and try ghost-spotting on the Chudail Trail at midnight… Bespoke events for everyone, whatever floats your boat!

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7. Because whatever the desert day is like, desert nights are spectacular

What better way to spend your summer vacay than relax in air-conditioned glory in your gorgeous hotel room and then step out into the vast desert in the evening, and dine among the dunes to the music of the Manganiyar singers of Rajasthan?

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8. One word: SPA

If you’re tired from all this adventuring on your vacay, just book yourself a sand-massage and spa session at Rait. You will most certainly leave feeling like a whole new person. Tried and tested. :-D

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9. Because you haven’t really lived until you’ve lived in a palace!

Or at least stayed in one. Just LOOK at how gorgeous Suryagarh is! We’re a) running back there soon; b) trying to convince all our friends to get married there so that we can spend multiple epic holidays there!

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This is a sponsored post for Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. Check out the resort and their facilities here.