Opposites Attract: 7 Reasons To Date Someone NOTHING Like You

Opposites Attract: 7 Reasons To Date Someone NOTHING Like You
While dating someone who is completely different than you is often seen as problematic, it can actually be the complete opposite! We don’t want to use the cliche, “opposites attract”, but well, what’s true is true! Dating an absolute opposite can be exciting, while offering you experiences you never thought you’d encounter. In the process, you learn how to accommodate, judge less and be more open to new ideas than you have ever been in your life. Eventually, you strike the perfect balance between both your worlds. And once you have, you can be sure that the love will be even stronger, because you’re dating them for who they truly are!

Even if they’re nothing like you, who said they couldn’t be perfect for you? Here are a few reasons to date someone who is nothing like you!

1. You Get To See A Side Of Yourself You Didn’t Know Existed

Nothing makes you realize who you truly are more than being with someone who’s not like you. When you’re with someone who lives life in a way that is different than yours, you begin embracing different things. Because your partner is into them, you’re encouraged to take on things that would’ve made you a nervous wreck earlier. You rub off on each other (hopefully in a good way!).

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2. You Bring New And Exciting Changes To Each Other’s Lives

You love travelling; he doesn't. He’s a huge foodie and loves trying out different cuisines; you don’t. Or, well, you didn’t. You both open up to new ideas and to trying things out you didn’t think you could ever enjoy before! When you date someone with a different outlook than you, it sparks debate, bringing to light things you might have not even had realized you were passionate about!

3. There Is NO Room For Boredom

There’s no chance of boredom creeping in if there’s always someone around to challenge you and shake up your usual routine. Maybe you’ve never really given that much thought to what it is that you truly like and dislike. Maybe you were always content eating your oatmeal for breakfast every morning! Well, no more just lying around in your comfort zone. You step out, so does he, ever so gladly!

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4. The Balancing Act

He’s a super-talkative chirpy person and you’re slightly shy and reserved (or the other way round). You’re as social as social gets and he’s happy being just around friends he’s had for ages. Whatever the case, you will see that over time, you both take a little bit from each other and become more balanced and well-rounded individuals. :)

5. You Become More Accommodating As An Individual

Being able to have a different perspective of things helps you have more compassion towards people. Having a partner who has different needs than yours is most certainly encouragement enough to try and be more adaptive towards your environment. You learn to think beyond yourself, and that is great!

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6. It Opens You Up To New Experiences

Even things as simple as TV shows, movies, books, places you’ve never heard of - there’s always room for more hobbies in your life! When you discover new things to do, you find more to love and more to appreciate!

7. You Get To Meet A Whole New, Different Bunch Of People

When you date someone who has a completely different social circle, they’re bound to have friends you don’t know. Meeting new people and making new friends can be great. Who knew  the bonds you could develop!

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