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Buh-Bye, Bad Hair! Super-Quick Fixes For EVERY Hair Type

Buh-Bye, Bad Hair! Super-Quick Fixes For EVERY Hair Type

A bad hair day is every girl’s worst nightmare. For some reason, our strands have a knack of not behaving themselves when we most need them to. An important job interview or meeting the boyfriend’s parents are some occasions when our tresses almost always cause us distress. We help you take matters into your own hands with a few quick fixes for that dreadful hair day. With these simple hacks, no one would ever know your hair was anything short of perfect!

1. Add Life To Limp Locks

Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day Blast the Roots: Limp, lifeless hair can be a real downer. Bring some instant lift and body to your roots by flipping your hair over and brushing out your roots while pointing your dryer at them. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes and will add some major volume to your strands. Switch Parts: Another trick is to simply switch your hair parting. Flip your hair over to the side on which you never wear your hair for an instant root-lift.

2. Salvage An Oil Slick

Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day Wash The Front: If your locks are feeling too greasy for a public appearance, do a quick wash of just front section, since that’s the part that gets oily first. Just clip away the rest of your hair and wash the front in the sink. This will save you plenty of time, instead of washing and styling your entire mane. Dry Shampoo Is Your Bestie: If you have to deal with greasy locks often, you definitely need to have this miracle product handy. Just spray a few spritzes onto your roots and parting and brush to revive and freshen-up your locks. Try using baby powder if you don’t have any dry shampoo on you. The Wet Look: Try a red-carpet favourite - the wet-hair look on a particularly greasy hair day. It’s perfect for covering it up and flaunting an edgy, celeb favourite hairstyle. Just wet the front of your hair, add a dollop of gel and comb it all back. Voila, you have a slick style that plenty of stars love pulling off!

3. Hide Split Ends

quick fixes for a bad hair day Roll With It: When your ends are looking particularly dry, damaged and split, and you have no time for a trim, just bring out your round brush. When your hair is dry, plug in your hair dryer and use your round brush to roll the ends in. This will help cover up frayed ends and give a neater finish. Pull Them Up: Now, a ponytail won’t come to your rescue when it’s the ends you’re trying to hide. Instead, gather your hair in a chic topknot or a simple bun with the ends tucked in for a more refined edge.

4. Tame Messy Curls

Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day Curly haired girls know what it’s like to wake up with your curls looking nothing like they did when you went to bed, and not in a good way. Unruly curls in certain places that are matted or frizzier than the rest of your hair is a common problem in the morning. Detangle those parts with a comb, then use your fingers to dampen those strands before applying a curl-defining leave-in conditioner or serum. B Blunt High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream is great. Once those parts are dry, just add your usual anti-frizz serum and you’re ready to take on the day with hair that are anything but boring.

5. Combat Catastrophic Frizz

Quick Fixes For A Bad Hair Day Cool Off: No matter how much you style and straighten your locks, if your hair loves to revolt and look more frizzy than sleek within an hour, you need to try this trick. Just flip on the cool setting on your hair dryer after you’ve styled/straightened your locks and point it towards your hair with a paddle brush to seal the cuticles. This will help lock-in your style and minimize spritz, especially in humid weather. You can finish off with a light-hold hairspray for some extra frizz protection. The Messy Chignon: If you have no time to wrestle with your hair dryer, you can make the most of your frizz with an ultra chic, teased bun. It’s a refreshing change from the ordinary ponytail and won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Simply tie up your hair into a high ponytail, then pick up sections, spray them with a light-hold hairspray and tease with a comb. When your whole ponytail is teased, wrap it around the base into a bun and secure it with pins. How much do you love your fabulous, messy chignon?! Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: #TrueStory: 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has On A Bad Hair Day! MUST-READ: Byebye, Boring Hair! 7 Easy Celeb Hairstyles To Rock Every Day
Published on May 19, 2015
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