Brrr! 23 Things Only People Who Feel Cold ALL The Time Will Get

Brrr! 23 Things Only People Who Feel Cold ALL The Time Will Get
You don’t really get what people are complaining about through summer. You never understand why malls and movie halls need to have their air conditioning on the lowest-possible temperature. Sleeping without a blanket is a thought you have never entertained in your head (regardless of the temperature outside). And layering up - you’re a champ at that! If you’re someone who feels cold ALL the time, these are a few things you will definitely relate to!

1. You’re not drinking coffee all the time for its awesome flavour. You just want to hold something warm!

2. A hot shower is your best friend. And it is third-degree torture when you have to step out, into an air-conditioned room.

people who feel cold

3. You will always beat everyone at the layering game. Bring it on, world!

4. Goosebumps, just ALL the time. It’s almost like your default skin type.

5. You need to carry a light jacket or cover up everywhere you go, even if it is 50 degrees outside. Like, why do they have to keep offices, malls, restaurants below freezing temperature?!

people who feel cold

6. So what if you’re on a beach. It is cold and you CANNOT get into the water. Can everyone else not feel the wind?! WHAT? WHY? HOW?!

7. You cannot sleep without a blanket (or two), EVER!

8. Sometimes, people think you’re rude for not replying to their texts. In reality, your fingers are frozen and you just don’t know how to move them. Are you even alive, fingers?

people who feel cold

9. Sleeping with socks on is not unusual or weird.

10. Full blast air conditioning = biggest enemy ever.

11. You really just wish you could hibernate for those awful winter months.

people who feel cold

12. You can use your cold hands and feet as weapons in the winter. *Evil Grin*

13. Getting out of bed on cold winter mornings? Ironically, NOT cool.

14. Your co-workers/classmates know you as “the girl who’s always cold”.

people who feel cold

15. You’re constantly fighting a battle with everyone around over what the AC temperature should be. Should it even be on in the first place?

16. When other people are complaining about the heat, you’re secretly actually loving it!

17. Hello, crazy people, it’s not hot; it's wonderful! :)

cold people

18. You’re a cuddler. Not necessarily the mushy kind. Anything to keep yourself warm!

19. Wearing any sort of full-leg pants is ALWAYS the first option.

20. You know how girls love the winter and like dressing up really nicely in all their cute winter clothes? “Oh, my new lightweight coat and my smart barely-there jacket.” Yeah, no. Neither do we. Can someone just give us the ugliest, warmest, biggest jacket around, please?

cold people


21. You are totally okay with wearing tights under your jeans. You have to do what you have to do to survive!

22. That little spot of sunshine you see amidst all the cold, shady areas outside - it’s all yours, and you’re ready to fight anyone for it!

23.You’re very unlikely to take your jacket/coat off, even when you’re safely indoors on a cold day. There’s no such thing as “being too warm”!

people who feel cold


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