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#LetGo: 9 Kinds Of People You Should Block From Your Life

#LetGo: 9 Kinds Of People You Should Block From Your Life
However hard it may seem, it’s honestly about time you got rid of anyone and everyone who kills your vibe. You are fabulous and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Think of this as a social media purge, only in real life.

1)  The Frenemy

We all have that one friend who is honestly more enemy than friend. If someone came to mind when you were reading this, that’s probably the person we’re talking about. She’s sweet but can also be very bitchy, she cares about you, but has weird ways of showing it, and she’s rather unpredictable with her reactions. You never know if she’s on your team or the opposite one. Yup, she’s definitely your Frenemy and it’s about time you block her out. She doesn’t have your best interests in mind and has no business being bitchy to you, especially under the guise of a friend.

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2)  The Aunt Who Always Puts You Down

Ugh! How you hate lunches and vacations with this overly-vocal aunt. She absolutely doesn’t leave a single opportunity to remind you that you’ve either put on weight or that you should get married because it’s “about time”. Regardless of her importance in your mom’s life, stay away from this toxic aunt. She can’t wait to bring down your self esteem and absolutely deserves to be blocked. PS: We *all* have that aunt.

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3)  The Friend Who Is Too Negative

We all have that one friend who is always whining, always depressed and perennially negative. When life gives her lemons, she shuts her eyes and cries about it. Truth is, life is full of doubt and stress, but the only way we’ll cruise through is if we look at the bright side. The bright side, which you can’t see, because your friend is standing right in front of it. Block her, now!

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4)  The Friend Who Always Ditches

You know that friend who makes a plan with you, but always find an excuse to can it? Yes, time you ditch that friend, for life.

People To Avoid 4

5)  THAT Ex Boyfriend

You know better than anyone else that it is time to stop obsessing over him. You still stalk him (virtually, please) occasionally, you bump into him everywhere and you’re in touch with all his friends – yes, probably not a great idea. You’ll never stop thinking about the past, or about how things could have been, if you don’t block him out, now!

People To Avoid 5

6)  Miss Money Bags

We all have that super-rich friend who doesn’t understand budgets or the fact that some of us need to live on one. She’s always suggesting the most expensive restaurant in town for dinner, or she’s ordering the most expensive cocktail. Occasionally, it’s okay, but not all the time! If she’s making you feel like crap about where you hang out or what you wear, she doesn’t deserve to be in your life. She and her PRADA can take a hike.

People To Avoid 6

7)  The Ex-Boss Who Annoys You

You bet this guy would love to see you fail. His unsolicited comments on your Facebook wall don’t stop. He was your boss once upon a time, maybe when you were younger, more innocent and inexperienced. This jerk has only enjoyed your misery since, and you don’t want him around at all. You can do now what you should have done on your office intranet a while ago - BLOCK him!

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8. The Needy, Drunk Friend

The one who ONLY needs you when she’s not been able to figure out what to do at the end of a wild night out. You’re never invited to party it up with her, but you’re the one she calls begging for shelter for the night ‘cause she lives too far away and the people she’s with refuse to take care of her.

People To Avoid 8

9. That Vaguely Creepy Friend-Of-Friend

You know him because of a mutual friend, and have nothing else in common. And while he’s never done anything overt (that would be way simpler to deal with), he’s always saying things that sound vaguely sleazy - and you can never be sure whether he’s genuinely being creepy or just doesn’t know what’s appropriate behaviour. Block him, we say - whatever it is, he is NOT worth worrying over.

People To Avoid 9
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