7 Kinds Of Men Who Should NOT Be On Dating Apps!

7 Kinds Of Men Who Should NOT Be On Dating Apps!

Just like you do in the real world, you meet all kinds of people on dating apps. The one thing that unifies them all is that they are, in some form or the other, looking for love or sex. Which is all very well, except some men on dating apps are SO weird that they make us want to run away screaming! These are the 7 kinds of men we strongly feel should not even be allowed on dating apps!

1. The Committed Player

Guys, if your profile picture is that of yourself and another girl who looks like she’s more than your friend, we’re not interested! Especially if it’s a wedding photo! (Trust us, it happens all the time.) Actually, if you’re on a dating app, why would you have a photo of yourself and another girl AT ALL? men on dating apps 1

2. The Creepy Bio Guy

Yes, he has a seriously hot profile picture. But one more click, and the “info” section opens up, and you’re totally put off. The guy uses sms lingo, quotes randomly sexist stuff from the Internet, claims that  he’s looking for “frandship”. Guys, what you’re basically telling any woman of sense is: STAY AWAY FROM ME!

3. The Ladies Man

This guy is slightly different from the committed player - it’s not just his display pic that has a woman in it - ALL his pictures do! He would like you to know that he is on a roll - and that every woman thinks he’s God’s gift to her. We, however, would like to tell you that we aren’t feeling particularly inclined towards accepting this “gift”. men on dating apps 3

4. The Wham-Bam Dude

Sure, it’s a dating app, and at least half the guys on it are looking to only hook up and not for long-term romance. His profile may not have any obvious red flags, and you’ll find yourself matching with him by virtue of him seeming totally all right on the surface. But don’t worry, he’s not going to keep you in the dark about his intentions for any length of time - he is going to ask you for sex pretty much within the first five texts he sends you. Dude, there is nothing wrong with wanting a casual one night stand - and many women are perfectly okay with it. But there IS such a thing as politeness and being able to at least flirt with a girl before virtually pulling your pants off!

5. The Clingy Guy

It’s cute when a guy who’s matched with you texts you randomly during the day just to ask how your day’s going. But what’s annoying is if he’s doing it 24/7! He wants to know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, what are your plans after this - all the bloody time! We get that you like us, but,  dude, back off! If “personal space” is something you don’t get, a date with  us is also not something you’re going to get! men on dating apps 5

6. The Celeb Impersonator

Dude, we don’t care how big a fan of Ranbir Kapoor you are, unless you’re ACTUALLY him, we don’t understand why a picture of him is your display pic. If we show up to a date expecting Ranbir Kapoor, and find you, we are not going to be very happy now, are we? Plus, it’s YOUR profile - just put your own picture, please! men on dating apps 2

7. The Stalker Guy

You haven’t actually matched with him on the app. But you know he’s seen you on it. Why? Because he follows you everywhere and TELLS you! He sends you Facebook messages and a friend request, he follows you on Twitter and favorites even your “Ugh, I’m having a bad day” tweets, and he likes every single photo you’ve posted on Insta with such creepy within-seconds-of-posting regularity that he’s making you seriously consider whether you should make your profile private. Dude. Please understand that stalking only leads to blocking. men on dating apps 7 MUST-READ: 10 Types of Men You Should NEVER “Swipe Right” on Tinder MUST-READ: TAKE That Screenshot – 17 Times You Totally Should!