Guys, In Case You Were Wondering, It’s NOT A Date If...

Guys, In Case You Were Wondering, It’s NOT A Date If...
When a potential new beau asks you to hang out, it can be difficult to decipher whether that hang-out sesh is going to end in fireworks or be a total flop. Whilst every guy is different, let’s face it, there are some things that just don’t fly when you’re on a date. So, here’s a little list to help put your doubts to rest - is it a date, or is it not? No matter what your guy thinks, it’s definitely NOT a date if...

1. He greets you with a high five.

Unless he’s Barney Stinson, it does not work.

not a date

2. He asks you to come out drinking with his gang, AND suggests you reach before happy hours are over.

Uncool, man. Just uncool.

3. He comes over to your house, but spends more time talking to your father about the stock market...

… than he does in your room. (WTF?!)

not a date 3

4. He doesn’t flirt with you. At all.

You just feel like you’re hanging out with your cousin.

5. He calls you “dude” or “bro”.

Tread lightly, “bro”, that way the friend-zone lies.

its not a date 8

6. He shows up in track pants.

Hey, man, we’re not gym buddies, okay?

7. He invites you over. And then you discover that the plan of action for the evening is Call Of Duty on Xbox.

That’s called “hanging out”, dude.

8. He doesn’t bother to ask you questions about yourself or get to know you at all.

If you’re not interested then we’re not interested - in you.

its not a date 6

9. When he drunk texts you to meet him in the middle of the night.

There’s a reason why the term “booty call” exists.

10. He asks other people to join you for the movie.

Yeah, that happens. Trust us.

its not a date 9

11. He makes NO effort. To entertain you, engage you, or even plan the damn event. It’s all up to you.

Guys, no better way of saying “I don’t really care so much”.

12. There is NO food.

Not even peanuts or biscuits. Boys, we don’t like to be kept starving.

its not a date 12

13. If we’re attending a party together.

Yeah, you’re my date for the evening, sure, but that means we’re going together - it’s not a you-me-romance event!

14. He turns up more than an hour late.

City traffic is shit, we know, but that’s the biggest buffer you get. Beyond that, it’s a waste of my evening.

its not a date 11

15. If it ends with a handshake, not a hug or a kiss!

C’mon. We don’t have to explain this, right?

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