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#KeepCalm: How To Tell Your Parents You're Seeing Someone

#KeepCalm: How To Tell Your Parents You're Seeing Someone
There comes that inevitable point in every girl’s life, where she’s seeing someone special and has to talk to her parents about it. This could perhaps be because she’s worried they will find out anyway, or it could also be because she’s happy and just wants them to know. Irrespective, Indian parents have a (how-should-we-put-this-mildly) tendency to react quite strongly, hence this situation must be handled with care! Here’s how you do it.

1. Survey The Situation

Are your parents in a good mood? Are they having a terrible day? Did the maid bail on your mom and run away to her village? Make sure your parents are in a chilled out mood before you break your big news!

2. Choose Wisely

You may want to approach the softer parent first. If mom is the type to hear you out and not overreact, approach her first. She may even be the one to help you break it to dad. Or vice versa. Tell Parents About Boyfriend 2

3. Timing Is Key

If you have recently gotten bad marks or have been returning home way past your deadline, then it may be wise to hold off telling them for a bit. Do it at a point when you’re in a peaceful place with your parents, and they’re not upset or irked about other stuff.

4. Rack Up Some Brownie Points

Earn some brownie points with them so they feel like you are responsible and can handle a relationship. Don’t roll your eyes - at them, or at the contents of this post. Just help out with some basic chores, whether it’s cleaning your room, laying out the dishes when you’re sitting down for dinner, or offering to run to store for household supplies. tell parents about boyfriend

5. Do Your Homework

Even before you approach your parents, be ready to address the barrage of questions they are going to throw at you. It is inevitable that they will want to know everything about the boy in your life, so you better be ready with answers. Yes, this includes his future plans and his parents’ professions - and your plans about marriage too. Be ready with your answers.

6. Check Your Tone

In the event that they are actually asking you too many questions, just be patient with them. Don’t get all high-pitched and annoyed because that’s really not going to help your cause. You’re their daughter - they’re asking because they care. Try and put yourself in their shoes, and handle the situation with empathy, no matter how cornered you’re feeling.

7. Do It Yourself

While it sure is tempting to have your boy there with you while you break it to your parents, we would suggest you do it by yourself. This is because your parents might get defensive in his presence, and this is quite unfavourable for both parties. Besides, maybe your parents are totally cool, in which case you can happily break it to him later! Tell Parents About Boyfriend 4

8. Talk Responsibly

Once you’re done with all the necessary prep work, like surveying your parents’ mood, etc., and it’s time to open your mouth, talk responsibly. Don’t make the new boy sound like just something you are trying on, like this is a temporary thing. That will make them feel like you’re wasting your time and that you should be focusing on other things. Or that he might be trying to take advantage of you. Tell your parents about him - who he is and what he does, and back it up by what you like about the boy. For instance, if he’s down to earth or very intelligent, tell your parents about it. This will make your parents feel more at ease with your announcement.

9. Happy Ending

In the most likely event that all goes super well (and we really wish that it does for you), ask your folks if they would like to meet him. We aren’t suggesting Hum Saath Saath Hai style picnics here, but a harmless movie or dinner with the family could actually be an awesome idea. Tell Parents About Boyfriend 9 GIFs: wikia.com, tumblr MUST-READ: 13 Crazy Things Every Girl Has Done When Her Parents Were Away! MUST-READ: It’s For Your Own Good: Signs You Had Overprotective Parents