How To Tame The Annoying Baby Hair Along Your Hairline!

How To Tame The Annoying Baby Hair Along Your Hairline!
We all know how those wispy, baby strands along our forehead can really ruin a sleek ponytail or a perfect blow dry! They’re unruly, have a mind of their own and are too short for us to pin away out of sight. Those little suckers have a knack for frizzing up no matter how much time you spend trying to fix your hair. And they absolutely refuse to lie flat and smooth! But there ARE a few ways to get them to behave. Read on to tame those stubborn flyways and save your look!

First Things First, What Causes This Hair Along The Hairline?

How To Tame The Baby Hair Along Your Hairline

That fuzz or baby hair along your hairline is much finer compared to the rest of your hair and doesn’t grow very long. It is prone to more damage as it is fine and also because we tend to style the hair in the front much more than hair in the back. Since this hair breaks easily and is more susceptible to damage, they stand up in that pesky manner. Rough brushing, chemical treatments and excessive heat can all lead to hair breakage and these tiny, frizzy strands.

How To Tame It

1. Time For Some Intense Repair

Those broken and damaged strands require some special attention. It’s important they get plenty of moisture and nourishment to undo all that damage. A deep-conditioning treatment, with extra attention along your hairline, is a must. We hope you’re doing this anyway for the general health of your strands. Make sure to deep condition twice a week to make those flyaways much more manageable. We like Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Archictecte for this.

2. Styling Cream Is A Must

How To Tame The Baby Hair Along Your Hairline

Apply a smoothening cream or a leave-in on those unruly babies to get them to behave and to control frizz. Using some product along the hairline (which is a spot we often ignore while applying our serums and sprays) also help protects against heat damage on these extra-fragile strands. Rub the product between your hands first and then apply them onto the strands by starting at the ends and working up to the roots. You can try Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream.

3. Style It Right

A good way to tame that fuzz like a pro is to dampen those strands since it will help your baby hair blend in with the rest of your mane. Apply a moderate amount of your styling product and then hold these fine strands taut in your fingers while pointing your nozzle at it at intervals just for a couple seconds. This will help smoothen those pesky little strands and help them settle into the rest of your hair. Just be careful not to burn your scalp while doing this!

4. Embrace Messy Styles

How To Tame The Baby Hair Along Your Hairline

We’re all for lazy girl tricks to getting our hair to look good, so one super-simple way of dealing with untidy baby hair is not touching it at all. Instead, make a messy bun, a messy braid or a messy ponytail – they’re super-cute and perfect for beating the summer heat too. They will fit right in with your look, and you need to put in minimum effort for some fuss-free style.

5. Bring Out Your Toothbrush

If you don’t have the patience to rev up your blow dryer often, and would also like some extra ammunition against the frizz-inducing humidity and summer heat, then try this simple technique. Spritz some strong-hold hairspray or shine serum onto the bristles of a toothbrush and use it to comb those little strands along your hairline into place. This will help prevent them from curling or frizzing for the rest of the day. You can’t go wrong with L’Oreal Paris Elnette Satin Hairspray.

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