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Beat The Heat: How To Smell Amazing All Day Long!

Beat The Heat: How To Smell Amazing All Day Long!
As much as we hate to admit it, sweat patches and body odour are very real things, especially during scorching-hot summer days! Splurging on fancy perfumes won’t necessarily have you smelling fresh and fabulous at any given time, especially on days when you’re out and about for long hours. So we help you survive this season with a few hacks that will have you smelling not just good but amazing ALL day long. Yup, even when you’re far away from a refreshing shower!

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1. Vaseline On Your Pulse Points

We just discovered yet another use for that handy pot of Vaseline you have lying around! Rub it on to your pulse points before spritzing on your favourite fragrance to help it last much longer. Try this the next time you know you’re going to be out and about in the sun.

2. Don’t Rub Your Perfume

We all have a habit of spritzing our fragrance on our wrists and then rubbing them against each other, which is a big no-no if you want your perfume to last long. By rubbing, you’re making the top notes of your fragrance disappear. Instead, spray the perfume on your wrists and the back of your neck, or mist it into the air and walk through it - make sure never to rub.

how to smell good

3. Stock Up On Amazing Smelling Beauty Products

A fresh-smelling shower gel is a must and perfect for starting the day on a nice note, without being too overpowering. Top that off with a moisturizer that smells fabulous to help you smell great, without being too OTT for a day at the office. Before you head out in the evening for cocktails, spray on a perfume with similar top notes, to refresh and intensify that fragrance.

4. Apply Your Deodorant Or Perfume Immediately After Your Shower

This helps the moisture lock in the scent. Plus, spraying on a fragrance when you’re sweat and odour-free will help you stay that way for the rest of the day. Don’t wait, because sweat can accumulate and you’ll just be spraying on your fragrance on top of that.

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5. Spritz Your Bed

Spray your pillow and sheets with calming scents to help you sleep better and to help you and your partner smell amazing, even while getting frisky!

6. Keep Perfumed Sachets In Your Wardrobe

Scented sachets are easily available and amazing for making all your clothes - yes, even those stuffed at the bottom of your closet - smell amazingly fresh. Store them in your underwear and sock drawers as well to help you feel fresh as a daisy, no matter what you wear.

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7. Baby Wipes To The Rescue

Keep a pack of baby wipes in your purse at all times for a quick sweep along your armpits and other sweaty spots through the day. They’ll help reduce the risk of any embarrassing odours and keep you feeling oh-so-fresh!

8. Breezy Fabrics Are Always Better

Breathable fabrics like cotton should be a summer staple for your wardrobe. These airy fabrics make for better ventilation and don’t make you sweat as much as synthetics - and so they help you stay cool and smell better on a hot day. Also, now is the perfect time for those pretty maxi dresses to stay cool and stylish!

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9. Target The Warm Areas Of Your Body

Otherwise known as your pulse points. Spritzing on your scent on these areas help it last much longer. The areas to target are your wrists, your neck, the inside of your elbows, your midriff or just below it, your calves, ankles and behind your knees. These areas help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body.

10. Combat Foot Odour

Smelly feet is a huge turn-off, so make it a point to spritz the insides of your shoes with deodorant or sprinkle talcum powder absorb the sweat and help keep your feet fresher and smelling better. Also, try and wear open shoes as much as you can - your feet need to breathe too! (Don’t forget to go through our guide on keeping your feet odour-free!)

how to smell good

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