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#HappyTogether: 9 Steps To Get Closer To Your Partner

#HappyTogether: 9 Steps To Get Closer To Your Partner
They say it’s all the little things put together that make a relationship great. Well, we think they are right! Whether it’s taking it easy on the complaining front, being more understanding, befriending our partners and making them feel like they can be their true self around us, or just being silly with each other, there are a few simple things we can all do in order to feel and get closer to our partners.

If you’ve been looking for ways to do just that, then read on to know some super simple ways to get closer to your partner!

1. Control That Complaining

Yes, ladies, we know that the urge to complain about basically everything can be hard to control at times, but you have to learn how to pick and choose your battles! You also need to sometimes just be more patient and let him figure things out on his own rather than overwhelm him with feedback.

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2. Remember That PDA Is Not Your Enemy

As much as public displays of affection make many people uncomfortable, it can sometimes make your man feel more loved. We’re not saying you need to climb on top of him or fall all over him, but a little hand-holding, kissing or giving him an unexpected hug when you’re out together is definitely worth a shot to make him feel loved.

3. Quit The Sulking, Say What’s On Your Mind Already!

Let him know in a calm rational manner when something has upset you. There is no point sulking in one corner and giving him the cold shoulder. He will never know what he did, and you won’t feel better - had he got it, he wouldn’t have done it! Tell him what you’re feeling and actually listen to his response about why something went down the way it did. Real conversations about your feelings help build intimacy.

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4. Have A Fun, Borderline Silly Outing together

Go all out on date night this time. Leave your (over-)thinking hat behind. Whether it’s getting silly drunk together and bar hopping, going for a random concert you wouldn’t normally go for, or trying out something different (bowling, go-carting, etc.) together, JUST have fun.

5. Have A Bucketlist Of Things To Do Together

Make plans together. Discuss the different things you want to do, places you want to see, stuff as simple as watching a TV series together. Doing new things together keeps it exciting and is a great way to get closer to your partner.

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6. Constructive Criticism Is Great, But Try Not To Overdo It

Sometimes, you have to let them make their mistakes. We know and understand that you only want what is best for your partner, but constantly putting down his ideas or telling him he’s wrong when he’s trying something new out could be upsetting. Be honest, but there is no need to repeat what you’ve already said once over and over. Let him do his own thing and sort stuff out.

7. Do Something Your Partner Loves Together With Him. No, You Cannot Crib.

Watch his favourite TV show with him, or that football game “his team” is playing. Go for a movie he’s been raving about even if you don’t particularly want to watch it. Go to that burger and beer fest with him even if wine and cheese is more your thing. Let it be about him, and feel happy that your little efforts are making him happy! :-)

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8.Don’t Be Dismissive Or Little Miss Bossy!

No one likes a “Miss Know It All”. Cutting him off when he’s trying to make a point or just having a general conversation with someone is more than a tad bit annoying. Make him feel like he can be himself and speak his mind with you around. If he has an issue with something, make him feel like he can confide in you rather than feeling like you wouldn’t take him seriously. No judging whatsoever.

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Goof Around With Each Other

Call each other by ridiculous (yet cute!) nicknames, have a language completely of your own that only the two of you understand, tease each other. Basically, keep it fun!  Not everything has to be all serious all the time. Keep it simple and cheerful, and don’t hold back from letting your goofy side out!

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