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Period 101: How To Avoid PMS Bloating

Period 101: How To Avoid PMS Bloating
Like PMS didn’t give us enough to deal with, there’s also a visibly, super-uncomfortable bloated belly we need to dress according to during the first couple of days of our period. The bloated belly is one symptom that can make you feel like you’ve swallowed a basketball and have you reaching for your sweatpants. We help you curb that puffiness with a few tips to fight PMS bloating. Follow these tips in the week leading up to your period and don’t worry about wrestling with the zipper during your next cycle!

Why Does It Happen?

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Bloating is caused due to excessive gas production or high levels of liquids or solids in your digestive system. It can also just be caused because of increased sensitivity of your system, which is common during PMS.

Steer Clear Of Fizz

Sodas and other aerated drinks contain carbon dioxide - which is the primary reason for that fizz - that leads to gasiness. These soft drinks can lead to bloating and distending of the stomach. It’s a much smarter idea to avoid your favourite aerated drink and stick to water and juices around this time, especially if you’re prone to bloating.

Say No To Salt

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Salty foods or food with a high sodium content WILL cause bloating and water retention. Remember: processed foods contain high levels of sodium. So, you may want to curb those Big-Mac-and-fries cravings. Trust us, your hips will thank you too!

Eat Less, But More Often

Eating a lot in one go can definitely lead to that over-stuffed, bloated feeling. Instead of 3 large meals in the day, 6 smaller meals - consumed every couple of hours - is healthier for your blood sugar, which can help prevent bloating. Plus, eating small portions every few hours will spike up your metabolism, helping your food get digested better, and keeping you fit!

Go To The Loo

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Yup, not pooping will lead to puffiness. Make sure you’re not constipated, which can make your belly protrude. A diet rich in fiber will ensure you visit the toilet daily and avoid that stuffy feeling in your tummy. So, load up on nuts, fruits and veggies, but in limits. A super high-fibre diet can also cause bloating. So, watch your portions!

Gassy Foods Have Got To Go

Red beans (rajma) and chickpeas (channa) are definitely gassy, and can slow down your digestion. Some whole grains and lots of lentils and beans will not only cause embarrassing gastric woes (yikes!), but can also give you a “food baby”! PMS isn’t the right time to gorge on such meals.

Protein Protection

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A protein-rich diet can prevent water retention and bloatedness. Make eggs, chicken and light lentils (daal) your best friends. They make sure your belly stays as flat as ever, even during that time of the month.

Cut Out Dairy

For many women, cutting out milk products from their diet helps regulate hormones and thus lessens the bloating. There are plenty of people out there with minor cases of lactose intolerance, which can go undiagnosed their whole lives. If you feel better and healthier when you eliminate dairy, then that could definitely be the cause of your puffiness.

Get Off Your Butt

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When your belly feels huge and you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, exercise is probably the last thing you want to do (obviously!), but even 30 minutes of activity a day can reduce water retention. A small walk outdoors can be enough to help ease bloating and make you feel lighter and happier!

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