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#SoTrue: 17 PMS Memes That EVERY Girl Can Relate To!

#SoTrue: 17 PMS Memes That EVERY Girl Can Relate To!

Excruciating pain, hunger pangs, mood swings - the horrible list of PMS woes is endless, and the struggle all too real. Luckily for us, the Internet gets it. Not only will this make your day, it will also make you realize you’re not alone! Here’s our pick of the best PMS memes to bring a smile to your face. :-) 1. What every woman feels when it’s that time of the month! best pms memes 2. That time when someone nonchalantly points out that you must be crabby because you have PMS. (FYI men, only we are allowed to blame PMS.) best pms memes 3. Oh, the duality of the whole thing! best pms memes 4. That awkward moment when we feel like there’s a war waging within our bodies and our men complain about a cold. Yeah, that. best pms memes 5. Boys, take note NOW! best pms memes 6. This is totes normal - just ask us! best pms memes 7. Okay, we promise we’ve never used this, but we really wish we had! best pms memes 8. When, randomly in the middle of a workday, you feel so sick that you need to run home... best pms memes 9. Really, people. Why is this so hard to follow? best pms memes 10. *THIS* PMS memes 11. We are joining you, Penny! PMS memes 12. As they say, JUST DO IT. pms memes 13. We never said we had it all figured out! PMS memes 14. When someone asks us how we’re feeling... PMS memes 15. Can we get an amen, sisters? PMS memes 16. There hasn’t been any analogy which is more on point! 16 17. We, obviously, have our own way of dealing with things. Two words: Retail Therapy. Try it, will surely make you feel better. PMS memes Images: Giphy, weknowmemes.com, fanaddict22.wordpress.com, imgfave.com, keepthatlol.com, picslist.com, www.gurl.com, www.pinterest.com, pixshark.com, imgbuddy.com, www.tumblr.com, www.laughtard.com MUST-READ: #OMG: 9 Reasons Why Arnab Goswami Might Just Be The Perfect Boyfriend! MUST-READ: 21 Baby GIFs That Sum Up EVERY Office Day Ever
Published on May 12, 2015
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