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21 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Bride To Be

21 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Bride To Be

We’re going to put it simply: there should be a special place in hell for those who annoy a girl who’s going to walk down the aisle. Nervous enough as we are about this enormous life change that’s ahead of us, we can do without the random things people say to us! The biggest irony is that most of these people think they’re being helpful by saying these “innocent” things to a bride to be. But we asked the girls who are already married and we asked the ones about to be, and we’ve come up with a definitive list of things you should never say to a bride to be - lest you want to turn her into a certified bridezilla. Oh, and she will breathe fire! 1. Don’t eat so much - remember, you want to look perfect on your big day. bride 2. Ab toh tu badi ho gayi! bride to be 2 3. Please call Honey Singh for your sangeet night, yaar! bride 4. Hey, why don't you get a live counter? That would be SO awesome! bride to be 4 5. How much is the wedding going to cost you? bride 6. You are looking so tired! bride to be 6 7. You’re acting too busy nowadays - all you do is wedding shopping! bride 8. You don’t realize it yet, but your life is about to change totally. bride to be 8 9. You must be excited about your wedding night, no? bride 10. Stay calm, okay? bride to be 10 11. Are you wearing a Sabyasachi? And how much gold? bride 12. Are you nervous? bride to be 12 13. I don't think this menu is very good... bride 14. You are obviously going to change your last name, na. bride to be 14 15. No one enjoys their own wedding. bride 16. Haha, you're giving up your independence! You'll have to live under your mum-in-law's control now. bride to be 21 17. You’re being such a bridezilla! bride 18. Everyone’s getting married, it’s a trend! bride to be 17 19. You will miss your single days. bride 20. Please learn to cook now at least. bride to be 19 21. You’ll invite me, right? bride GIFs: giphy, tumblr MUST-READ: Things That Really Go Through A Bride’s Mind On Her Big Day MUST-READ: 12 Annoying Things That THAT Aunty Will Say at Your Wedding!      
Published on May 8, 2015
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