#OnTheRocks: 11 Awesome Things About Girls Who Drink Whisky

#OnTheRocks: 11 Awesome Things About Girls Who Drink Whisky
It’s no secret that many ladies love their wine, and some can down shot after shot of vodka, but today we’re talking about the women who can sip on scotch without pulling a face! Whether you like your drink strong and on the rocks or mixed with water or Coke, we give you a few awesome things about girls who drink whisky. Hold up that glass with pride, girl. Cheers!

1. She’s Up For Anything

And always keeps the party going. She’s always ready to drink till dawn - or till last call, at least.

women who drink whisky 1

2. She Can Hold Her Liquor

You don’t have to worry about her passing out on you or throwing up halfway through the night!

3. She’s Not All About Getting Drunk

But actually savours and enjoys her drink and the finer things in life. It’s not all about parties for her - she likes leisurely walks in the park too.

4. But That Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t Know How To Have A Good Time

Whether it’s a drinking game or a karaoke session, it’s always fun when she’s around.

women who drink whisky 4

5. She’s An Old Soul

But with fresh ideas.

6. She’s Independent

She likes it when you buy her a drink, but she doesn’t need you to do it.

7. She’s A Versatile Girl

She reads poetry as well as chick-lit, can talk about politics as well as crack silly PJs, can impress the highest stickler and also hang with the cool kids.

women who drink whisky 7

8. She’s An Acquired Taste

Just as the taste of whisky is mature, so is its drinker. It takes a while to know her well.

9. She Prefers Quality Over Quantity

She’s picky when it comes to stuff, whether it’s the people in her life, the clothes she buys or what label she drinks.

women who drink whisky 9

10. Ladies’ Night Means Nothing To Her

She has her own rules: she’d rather pay for a drink she likes than settle for a free one she doesn’t.

11. She’s Awesome Without Trying

Whether it’s the way she dresses or how she speaks, she never has to try hard to stand out from the crowd - people are always drawn to her!

women who drink whisky 11

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