Sorry, Not Sorry: 17 Things Women Should NOT Apologize For!

Sorry, Not Sorry: 17 Things Women Should NOT Apologize For!
Taboos, restrictions, stereotypes - us ladies constantly face judgement from much of society! And while some of us manage to ignore all of that, plenty of us - since we have to survive in society - end up feeling pretty apologetic about our life and lifestyle choices. But it really is high time that we stop doing that, no matter how small or big a thing it is - and this super campaign by Soyer encourages us to do exactly that! They have come up with a list of 17 things that women should be unconditionally unapologetic about!

1. For wearing whatever we like!

soyer 1

2. For investing time in ourselves.

stop saying sorry 2

3. For saying “No” to abuse!


soyer 3

4. For defending our rights!

stop saying sorry 4

5. For making our own career choices.

soyer 5

6. For wanting to be a homemaker.

stop saying sorry 6

7. For earning more than our partners.

soyer 7

8. For feeling hungry and eating as much as we want!

stop saying sorry 8

9. For immersing our sorrows in a tub of ice-cream!

soyer 9

10. For burping in public.

stop saying sorry 10

11. For our bodies!

stop saying sorry 11

12. For going for a late night party.

soyer 12

13. For having guy friends!


stop saying sorry 13

14. For being the sole arbitrator of whether we should be single, or not!

soyer 14

15. For PMSing!

stop saying sorry 15

16. For being emotional.

stop saying sorry 16

17. For laughing loudly!

soyer 17

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