why it is okay to not have sex

14 Reasons Why It's TOTALLY Okay To NOT Be "Doing It"

Pradipta Sarkar

Managing Editor, POPxo

Yes, sex is awesome, and it’s great to be having it. But you know what? Not having sex is totally okay too. It’s not a compulsory thing - it’s a life and lifestyle choice. And everyone - each and every one of us - gets to decide whether we want to do it or not. Whether you’re a virgin, or someone who isn’t currently sexually active, here’s why it’s absolutely okay to not be having sex.

1. Because you aren't serious enough about anyone right now to get into bed with him.

2. Because you're not ready to do it. Whether it's with someone you love, or just some guy you find randomly attractive.

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3. Because you worry about angering or disappointing your parents.

4. Because it's not something that fits into the value system that you have been brought up with.

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5. Because you don't want to be judged by anyone - and people do judge.

6. Because you don't feel up to it. Whether it's because you're too stressed, low, tired or otherwise less-than-perfectly happy.

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7. Because you don't actually want to freak out every time your period arrives late, no matter what the payout is.

8. Because you honestly aren't all that interested in getting physical. You have other priorities.

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9. Because STDs are a real thing, and it is pretty darn hard to be sure if your potential partner has been as careful as he should be.

10. Because you're feeling pressure from your partner - and not genuine interest or enthusiasm on your own. And you don't want to do it only because you fear he won't stick around if you don't put out.

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11. Because you want to wait for marriage.

12. Because you don't believe in casual sex and you want to be absolutely sure that this IS the right guy before you decide to do it with him.

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13. Because "it's the 'cool' thing to do" isn't enough reason to do something that you don't feel comfortable with.

14. Because it's YOUR choice. Your body, your decision. Period.

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Published on Apr 03, 2015
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