The Age-Old Question: When Is The Right Time To Get Married?

The Age-Old Question: When Is The Right Time To Get Married?
Growing up in India, we all know the tremendous pressure we are under to “get married”! Even if we have liberal parents, there’s pressure from other places too - neighbours (how is this any of their business, really?) or that long-lost chaachi (who only turned up to remind you that you’re of marriageable age!) or even that tuition teacher you had for 2 months back in tenth grade (is this why she pushed us to get 100% in maths?)

But sometimes we feel the pressure within us too. Our best friend just got engaged, our cousin just had a baby, even our younger sisters are “serious” about someone... And we begin to ask ourselves: “Is it time now? Time to settle?” And it is that question that this fabulous Titan Raga ad featuring Katrina Kaif answers. It’s actually inspiring to see the gorgeous and super-successful Katrina state unequivocally that you should never settle for less than what you deserve, and for someone who does not deserve your time or energy. :)

Keep NOT settling, ladies!
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