#ToSirWithLove: Here's What Happens When You Crush On Your Prof!

#ToSirWithLove: Here's What Happens When You Crush On Your Prof!
Do you have the hots for your college professor? Don’t feel embarrassed, we’ve all been down that road. So, If you know the feeling we’re talking about, here are a few things that will happen when you have a crush on your college professor.

1. Whenever he enters class, you can’t help but start giggling and blushing.

Even if you bumped into Ranbir Kapoor, we bet your smile won’t be that wide!

2. Since you have a soft corner for him, you make it a point to answer all his questions during class.

Being the teacher’s pet means getting one level closer to knowing him. It’s as simple as that!

crush on your college professor

3. You want to tell your close peeps how you feel about him, but you’re scared they might think you’re a weirdo and tell everyone you know!

Trust us, NEVER trust a chamchi with a secret. Unless you want to get ragged for the rest of your life!

4. If he teaches a subject you hate with all your heart, you will make it a point to learn how to master it, because that’s how you’ll score brownie points with him!

Who knows? You might even top the class the next semester!

crush on your college professor

5. When you have extra time on your hands, you find yourself stalking him all around college.

If it’s not in college, you’re trying to find him on Facebook!

6. You don’t mind attending his extra prep classes, because that’s one way to spend more time with him.

Like love, infatuation makes you do silly things too!

crush on your college professor

7. When he’s teaching, you make sure there’s pin-drop silence in class.

How else would you hear his lovely voice?

crush on your college professor

8. You get upset when your classmates talk about him behind his back.

They don’t even know him, then why be so mean!

crush on your college professor

9. You find yourself hanging around his department more than at the canteen with your friends.

At least being his chamchi helps you do better in his class!

10. You get super jealous when he praises your classmate on her test results.

Since when did she become his new favourite?

crush on your college professor

11. When you’re bored during class, you randomly doodle his face and his name all over your notebook.

Just don’t show it to anyone in class or else you’ll get busted for sure!

12. During class projects, you really pour your heart and soul into it.

Being a teacher’s pet requires hard work, and is definitely not a piece of cake after all!

crush on your college professor

13. When he corrects you, you never take it to heart.

You know he’s doing it for your own good. :)

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