#Awkward: 13 Problems of Being in the Same College As Your Ex!

#Awkward: 13 Problems of Being in the Same College As Your Ex!
Not like experiencing a heartbreak wasn’t bad enough, bumping into your ex every single day in college can really suck. If you haven’t moved on from him as yet, God help you! So ladies, if you go to the same college as your ex, be prepared to go through these series of events! (Remember, you are strong and a beautiful woman, and you can come out of it like a rockstar!)

1. You get super jealous if you see your ex hanging around with a new girl!

Even worse, if you found out that they’re dating!

you go to the same college as your ex

2. You can’t concentrate what the lecturer is teaching in class because you’re too bothered with what he’s doing in college.

Is he bunking classes? Is he flirting with someone new? What’s he doing right now?

3. You try your best to keep away from certain spots in the campus because you know there’s where you’ll find him.

That’s when the ladies common room becomes your safest place to hang around at.

you go to the same college as your ex

4. Your friends are forced to pick sides ever since the two of you stopped seeing each other.

Your peer group is now divided into people who talk to “him”, and people who do not talk to “him”. And it is not difficult guess which of the two you rather be with!

5. Hearing about your ex doing well in college, makes you twitch and get cheesed off.

That feeling makes you want to let the entire world know how annoying he is.

you go to the same college as your ex

6. The two of you become the most trending topic of gossip in college.

Canteen gossip has you and him as the trending story!

7. You purposely hang out with other cute men to ruffle your ex’s feathers.

Yep, you sooo want him to want you back!

you go to the same college as your ex

8. Every single day you try to put on a tough face, act cool in front of him, and ignore him like he never existed in the first place!

Even if deep down you’re hurting real bad.

9. You can’t wait for class to get done so that you can run home, lock yourself up in your room and pretend this day never happened.

Doing this every day has become a ritual!

you go to the same college as your ex

10. You’re always a bit jittery because you think you might bump into him anytime and anywhere.

Weirdly, all your senses seem to be working perfectly well when you think he’s around.

11. On some days, you miss him even more when you see him, and secretly wish things were what they used to be in the past.

Sigh, the good old days.

you go to the same college as your ex

12. Whenever you bump into your ex, you find yourself fumbling and acting like a complete weirdo.

And then you ask yourself, “Why can’t you be normal for once?”

13. When you hear that his new girlfriend dumped him, you become the happiest person in the world!

Karmagirls, karma!

you go to the same college as your ex

Note: In a matter of time, these petty things won’t matter. It’s a phase, and you must promise yourself to have the patience and the strength to deal with it like a pro! Good luck, ladies. You’re awesome!

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