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Head Over Heels: What Does Your Fave Pair Say About You?

Head Over Heels: What Does Your Fave Pair Say About You?
We all love our heels! And we definitely have very strong preferences when it comes to our go-to style. But did you know that your choice of heels can also reveal a lot about your personality? Yes, you heard us right! Here’s what your favourite heels say about you...

1. Comfy Wedges

Comfort is definitely a priority for you. You are practical and make wise choices, and that’s exactly what keeps you from never landing in a soup! You love to play with trends and always manage to make a style statement no matter what the occasion is.

favourite heels 1

POPxo Recommends:  Nautical Wedge Sandals (Rs. 1,899), Go-To Wedge Sandals (Rs. 1,899), Shuz Touch Silver Wedges (Rs. 1,595).

2. Pretty Kitten Heels

You probably are a smart shopper. You have a great sense of style and like to look at things from a logical perspective. You want to own shoes which not only look pretty, but are also easy on your feet!

favourite heels 2

POPxo Recommends:  Tresmode Colshine Silver Belly Shoes (Rs. 2,800), Buy URBANE Women Peach Coloured Heels (Rs. 1,439), Tom Tailor Grey Sandals (Rs. 3,199).

3. Sky High Stilettos

You make heads turn, baby! You like making statements, and you never shy away from telling people exactly what you think. Few things faze you, and you’re totally comfortable with being the centre of attention.

favourite heels 3

POPxo Recommends:  Jacobies Jacobies Suede-Like Embellished Stilettos (Rs. 1,999), Steve Madden Multi Stilettos (Rs. 9,999), Aldo Black Stilettos (Rs. 5,530).

4. Bold High Heeled Boots

You’re a confident woman who really knows her mind! You are determined to achieve every dream you have, and you know you’ll do anything to get where you want.

favourite heels 4

POPxo Recommends:  LONDON REBEL Metallic Pull-on Ankle Boot (Rs. 3,500), Carlton London Ankle-Length Black Boots (Rs. 3,995), River Island Ankle-Length Black Boots (Rs. 5,390).

5. Funky Pumps

For you, fashion is all about having fun, and colourful pumps tick that box perfectly! You have a lively personality, and the rare ability to brighten up any room. You love socializing, and people love hanging out with you too!

favourite heels 5

POPxo Recommends:  9 To Five Pumps In Suede Finish (Rs. 1,499), BLINK Suedette Metallic Heel Pumps (Rs. 3,800), Posh Platform Pumps (Rs. 1,299).

6. Chunky Block Heels

Experimenting is in your blood. You love to stand out in a crowd. You’re a risk taker and are always willing to try out the latest trends. When it comes to fashion emergencies you’re the first person your friends turn to!

favourite heels 6

POPxo Recommends:  NEW LOOK Beaded Block Heel Sandals (Rs. 2695), Rivazo Women's Black Gold Suede PU Casual Block Heels Sandals (Rs. 1,699), Dorothy Perkins Black Sandals (Rs. 3,899).

7. Chic Peep Toes

You know what you want, and are super-organized and decisive. You always look picture perfect, whether it’s your choice of outfit or your perfectly finished feet. People think twice before messing with you, ‘cause you always end up on top!

favourite heels 7

POPxo Recommends:  9 To Five Metallic Peep Toes (Rs. 1,699), Pazzion Mid Heel Peep Toe (Rs. 5,860), Pazzion High Heel Peep Toe (Rs. 6,410).

8. Trendy Platforms

You know your style, gal! You love dressing up and playing with trends. You like to express yourself through fashion, and find solace in shopping. When it comes to knowing what’s in and what’s out of vogue, you know it all!

favourite heels 8

POPxo Recommends:  9 To Five Pumps In Suede Finish (Rs. 1,499), MY FOOT Embellished Platform Pumps (Rs. 1,699), QUPID Crackle Detail Platform Pumps (Rs. 2,800).

9. Stylish Heeled Sandals

You like all things classic. You never settle for less and always want the best in life. People consider you their style inspiration because you have such fabulous taste!

favourite heels

POPxo Recommends: New Look Pelican-Chunky Black Sandals (Rs. 2,790), KOOVS Gold Strappy High Heeled Sandals (Rs. 2,395), Zalora Beige Sandals (Rs. 2,999).

10. Artistic Cut-Out Heels

You have an eye for detail and will only splurge on things that you find worthy. You’re a fussy shopper and you always want to take home the best. You appreciate art, and you’re inspired in your work and everyday life by it.

favourite heels

POPxo Recommends: NEW LOOK Mesh Detail Sandals (Rs. 2,495), MY FOOT Cut Out Detailed Sandals (Rs. 1,499), MY FOOT Cut Out Peep Toes (Rs. 1,399).

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