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#WeightLoss: 6 Things That AREN'T Helping You At All

#WeightLoss: 6 Things That AREN'T Helping You At All

Fitness gurus, magazines, billboards, TV commercials and infomercials try to sell us all sorts of fitness equipment. These fitness contraptions are backed with claims of “Lose 5 kg in 1 week!”, or “Get washboard abs in 10 days!” In our anxious effort to lose weight and get that desired body, we easily fall prey to such advertisements, spending our money and time on contraptions that fall short on their claims.  But how do you know whether a product really works or is simply a hoax? We’ve compiled a list of products and what they do for you. So next time, if someone tries to sell you a vibrating belt, we say keep calm and walk on!

1. Vibrating Belts!

The infamous vibrating belts are meant to be worn on your abdomen. The scientific methods of electric muscle stimulations (EMS) or vibrations from the belt are supposed to stimulate your muscles and give you an effortless workout. If only it were that easy!

2. The Abs Cruncher

The abs cruncher claims to reduce body fat and is advertised as a fat burning machine. The fact of the matter is that doing crunches alone will not give you ripped abdominals or a flat belly.  Invest in one only if you don’t have access to a gym, but keep in mind, if you want to get a flat stomach, you should be doing full-body exercises AND crunches. A combination of these exercises will burn fat and boost your body’s metabolism. weight loss myths 2

3. The Wii Fit

Nintendo does not claim that Wii Fit will help people lose weight, or even become healthier. The company says it merely hoped to create a game that combines entertainment and the ability to track progress with a healthy activity. The Wii Fit isn’t likely to replace regular trips to the gym. It’s not a substitute, but it would be a nice compliment to your regular exercise program. The good thing about it is that it’s great for the person who hasn’t been doing a whole lot, and it’s a fun way to get moving. From a sedentary life, it is certainly better than nothing. weight loss myths 4

4. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are advertised to revitalize your mind and body, give your energy/boost and enhance athletic performance. Although energy drinks do give the initial buzz, there is a hidden price. Continued usage will lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure (sometimes giving you palpitations), dehydrate the body, lead to diabetes and prevent sleep. No buzz is worth losing your sleep over!

5. Toning Soles

Toning shoes have an unstable and curved sole that is meant to use more effort when walking - sorta like walking barefoot on a beach. Can a pair of shoes help you burn calories and tone your tush while you walk? The answer is NO; nothing will replace human effort of sweating it out! weight loss myths 6

6. Magical Wristbands

Power Balance claim their wristbands’ hologram technology boosts your strength, power and flexibility by 500%. After getting sued for their claims, Power Balance apologized and their statement went - “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct” Need we say more? Images: Shutterstock MUST READ: 15 Things You Can Do Today to Kickstart Weight Loss MUST READ: #FitnessHacks: 10 Ways to Slim Down Without Going to the Gym!
Published on Apr 7, 2015
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