TAKE That Screenshot - 17 Times You Totally Should!

TAKE That Screenshot - 17 Times You Totally Should!
It’s not every day that you get a snap or a text from someone that wasn't meant to be opened by you! Some of them could be totally random, or be super-embarrassing! Seize the moment we say, and TAKE a screenshot. Here 17 times when you should!

1. When your friend’s boyfriend turns up on a dating website!

His demise is imminent.

take a screenshot

2. When you receive a late-night drunken text from the boy you’ve been crushing on.

Screenshot it now! What if it doesn’t happen again?!

3. When you find the quote that explains your life perfectly right now.

Need to repost that ASAP.

take a screenshot

4. When a random friend on your Snapchat list accidentally sends you a sexy snap meant for someone else.

You have 10 seconds to screenshot that!

5. When you wake up and see the horrific drunk texts you sent your ex.

You need to send them to your friends so ya’ll can figure out damage control stat.

take a screenshot

6. When your demanding boss actually sends you an email praising you.

Appreciation for your work? Hell, YEAH!

7. When you get compliments from other guys

You want to save them…in case you ever need to remind your man just how lucky he is to have you. ;)

8. When some girl puts up a selfie with your best friend’s crush on Instagram.

It’s evidence! You will need it to figure out who that girl is!

9. When your boss makes a funny typo in the super-official mail she sent out to the whole team.

Like leaving out the letter “l” in the word “public”. :P

10. When you finally cross Level 299 on Candy Crush!

All of your friends are going to be super-jealous!

take a screenshot

11. When you cross 1,000 followers on Instagram

Yep, that’s a milestone!

12. When a celeb you follow favourites your tweet!!

You’re going places, woman!

13. When you come across a really cute guy on Tinder...

And can’t wait to ask your friends what they think!

take a screenshot

14. When your frenemy sends you a friend request on Facebook

After all, you don’t want her telling people afterwards that you were the one who insisting on keeping up the “friendship”!

15. When your mum sends you the funniest auto-correct-fail ever!

She’s sending you lots of love, a.k.a. LOL!

16. When the screen freezes while you are Skyping your cousins and they have the most awkward expressions on their faces!

Perfect blackmail material.

17. When your fave shopping site posts the most gorgeous pair of shoes ever.

You need it for inspiration to start saving up!

take a screenshot

Images: 25.media.tumblr.com, giphy.com, buzzfeed.com, pandawhale.com

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