From Sarojini To Colaba: 24 Thoughts We All Have While Street Shopping

From Sarojini To Colaba: 24 Thoughts We All Have While Street Shopping
However much we love our fave high-street brands, there’s a certain thrill about scoring something awesome that costs us barely nothing. And we all have tricks up our sleeves to bag the best buys for the best price! So for all those street-smart people out there, here are the thoughts we all have while street shopping!

1. Why is it so crowded here? I’m getting pushed towards the ugly sweaters stall.

street shopping 3

2. There are so many cute things to see, I don’t know what to buy!

3. What if my friends come to know I bought this from here?

street shopping 5

4. Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure all of them shop here too.

5. Did he just say 500 rupees?! Yeah, baby, it’s BARGAINING TIME!

6. OMG, this floral dress is such a steal! Oh wait, what if it’s actually stolen?!

7. I hope he calls me back and lowers the price when I walk away. Else I’ll feel like an idiot.

Street Shopping 7

8. Dammit! I should have bargained a little more. He would have definitely lowered the price further.

9. Shouldn’t have  splurged on that Vero Moda jacket! I could have picked up TEN tops from here for the same amount!

Street Shopping 9

10. So much to shop, so little time!

11. Who cares If I can’t try it on, it’s SO cheap! I’ll just give it to my sister if it doesn’t fit.

12. Argh, she is wearing the same top I just picked up!

Street Shopping 11

13. I hope this dress wasn’t worn by someone else. I think I should wash it before wearing it.

14. OMG, what if this belonged to a dead person? I don’t want to be wearing a dead woman’s dress!

15. It’s okay if he isn’t willing to reduce the price, there are 20 stalls here with the same dress. I’m sure my bargaining powers will work at one of them.

street shopping 17

16. Why can’t I negotiate my salary like I can when it comes to clothes?

17. WHAT? This guy is selling the same pants I picked up for a 100 bucks less?!

18. Where’s the guy I always buy stuff from? I want my regular discount!!

19. Is that the same dress I paid 2,000 bucks for at Zara?! ARGH.

street shopping 19

20. Oh, it’s fine. This one’s got a button missing.

21. Stop pushing me, you horrible woman! I hope everything you buy has holes in it!

22. Crap, I just have 200 bucks left. I think I have to return this top.

23. Have to take a break from walking around. Where’s the ice-cream cart?

Street Shopping 21

24. Aaaaa, I need to go back where I started from. Can’t find that skirt anywhere else!

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