Oh NO! 19 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Jeans Don't Fit

Oh NO! 19 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Jeans Don't Fit
Yes, we’ve all been there, and we COMPLETELY understand how it feels. Outgrowing your favourite pair of jeans is a heartbreaking thing. Here are 19 things that go through your mind when your old jeans don’t fit!

1. Wait, are these even mine? Argh, my life is ruined!

2. Can I Google if there is a way to get into these? I’m sure somebody’s made a YouTube video...

jeans do not fit 1

3. Maybe I should lie down flat to make the zip go up.

4. Now, if only this button would oblige... Aaah, I can’t breathe!

5. Omigod, I feel HUGE.

6. I couldn’t have gained any weight. I haven’t been eating any more than usual. Except that buffet lunch yesterday. And those samosas in the evening. And that red velvet cake...

jeans do not fit 6

7. Has anybody else noticed that I’ve gotten fat?! Why didn’t they TELL me?

8. Damn it! I KNEW I shouldn’t haven’t eaten that cake.

9. But I had finally broken this pair in! How can they do this to me?

jeans do not fit 9

10. I’m going to eat salad for dinner from now on.

11. Should I buy new ones? Wait, can I get these altered?

12. I don’t want to throw these jeans out! I’m going to make sure I fit back into them soon.

jeans do not fit 12

13. I swear I’m going to go for a jog every evening from tomorrow.

14. Or maybe I should just hit the store and pick up a new pair.

15. OMG, is it time for...jeggings??

jeans do not fit 15

16. What size am I now? Should I try on mom’s jeans to check?

17. It’s okay, doesn’t matter, it’s too hot to wear jeans right now.

18. I’d spent a bomb on this pair of jeans. They should have lasted at least another year for me to get my money’s worth!

19. Fine, whatever. I’m sure they’ve just shrunk. Where’s my pizza?

jeans do not fit 19

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