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10 Things Your Man Wants You To Know, Even If He Isn’t Saying It!

10 Things Your Man Wants You To Know, Even If He Isn’t Saying It!

We’re sure you often wonder what is going on in your boyfriend or husband’s mind. We’ll put you out of your misery, then. Here are 10 things that your man wants you to know, even if he isn’t saying it out loud!

1. He thinks commitment is important, no matter what people say

Men, as a species, are stereotyped to be commitment phobic. This isn’t true all the time - he wouldn’t be in the relationship otherwise and would have shied away from the relationship label altogether.

2. He also thinks you’re beautiful

You, yes you! You’re smoking hot. Why would he be running behind you like a lovesick puppy otherwise? things your man wants you to know (5)

3. Which is why he gets upset when you compare yourself to other girls

Especially celebrities. It upsets him because he isn’t sure how to comfort you even when he really wants to. Someone other woman being attractive doesn’t make you any less so - and that’s a difficult thing to convey!

4. He doesn’t like it when you’re being mean

Which probably explains why he’s never keen on joining plans that involve some of your girlfriends. Nothing personal against them at all, but not all women are “nice” to people! things your man wants you to know (2)

5. He needs his space

He loves the fact that you shower him with attention, but there will be occasions when he needs to spend quality time with his guy friends, quality time that doesn’t involve you. Don’t be offended if he tells you that! things your man wants you to know (3)

6. He loves it that you are independent

He wants you to have a career, work on getting your master’s degree and nurture your individuality. A lot of men are very vocal about this, and it might sometimes feel like he’s pushing you away - but he just wants you to be independent! (If a guy wants you to depend on him all the time, maybe you should think twice about being with him!)

7. All men are NOT the same

Some are secure, some are jealous, some are in the middle. Men hate it when you use your previous relationship or your friends’ boyfriends as the yardstick for comparing his behaviour. things your man wants you to know (4)

8. He wants you to shop with him, not for him

We sometimes tend to get carried away with the whole shopping-for-the-boyfriend experience, but have you ever wondered if you’re shopping with his style and tastes in mind? He doesn’t like it when you try and give him a total makeover. The next time, take him along when you’re buying him a prezzie! Quality time AND mall time!   

9. He can’t read your mind

He wishes he could, but he just can’t! The next time he upsets you, tell him what’s on your mind instead of going down the “I’m fine” or “It’s nothing” road. things your man wants you to know (6)

10. He won’t say it, but he loves to be spoiled too

A lot of guys won’t admit this, but they love being spoiled occasionally! The next time you’re breaking your head over what to gift him, just get him that new PlayStation game or a spa voucher or something just as lavish and not-everyday. :) GIFs: tumblr MUST-READ: 10 Things Your Man Secretly Wants Out of Your Relationship MUST-READ: 10 Things Your Man Secretly Loves Hearing from You  
Published on Apr 28, 2015
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