#LoveTriangle: What Happens When You And Your BFF Like The Same Guy!

#LoveTriangle: What Happens When You And Your BFF Like The Same Guy!
Until he showed up, the two of you were the best of friends. You still are, actually, but things just feel a bit...different. Regardless of who spotted him first, you want him for yourself - and that’s that. Yes, ladies, this is what happens when you and your bestie like the same guy!

1. You suddenly start comparing yourself to her.

That same top that both of you bought when you went shopping together - you suddenly care a lot more about whom it actually suits better!

2. You get jealous if he pays her more attention than you...

Argh, so frustrating! You kinda want to break her phone if you know she’s been getting longer replies to her texts than you do.

you and your bestie like the same guy

3. You feel the urge to tell him embarrassing stories about her…

But you don't, eventually. Sisters before misters, after all! Even if you're quite annoyed with her right now.

4. Text messages, calls and meeting up with her - you’re suddenly doing less of it.

Because you can’t really have an honest chat with each other about the state of your heart!

you and your bestie like the same guy

5. When you spot her talking to him, you find yourself barging in.

Hey. More than two people can be part of the same conversation, right?

6. You constantly try fixing her up with other guys!

Because you don't want her to risk missing out on some amazing guy who might just be her soul mate. You've found yours, after all!

you and your bestie like the same guy

7. Every time you meet her, you want to tell her about what adorable thing he said to you, but you don’t

What if it makes her like him even more?!

8. Your other friends find the whole situation seriously weird

Of all the men in the world, why on earth did the two of you have to fall for this exact same one?!

you and your bestie like the same guy

9. You keep asking her what her plans are - just to know whether your crush features in any of them!

And yeah, she does the same with you too.

10. Your blood boils when you notice him flirting with her

It pisses you off, but at the same time, you don’t want to rain on her parade. After all, if he likes her more than he likes you, what can you really do about it? :(

you and your bestie like the same guy

11. You want to tell her that this might be the end of the road, it’s either him or you...

But you don’t. Because, end of the day, she’s more precious to you than he is. Even if your heart is breaking a little bit, you’d never break hers.

Well, ladies, no matter who ends up with your crush, remember that she is your bestie at the end of the day. Boys come and boys will go, but girlfriends stick together forever. Good luck, and make sure you make the right decisions!

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